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It's easy to transform from an essential oil "newbie" to an essential oil ninja.

Dr. Jim Bob + Andy + Ernie make essential oils & oil-infused products super simple to understand and pleasantly practical to use.




Our entire vault of online courses

A new course each month

Great way to learn about the best products for natural health + living




THEN $30.00 YEAR

Our TEN paperback books (free shipping!)

Our entire value of courses- with a new one added each month!





All TEN paperback books- shipped anywhere in the world

Perfect for people who already have the membership, as well as people who like reading actual books!


OilyApp + le proporciona los mejores recursos educativos en línea disponibles.

Como el único recurso de terceros certificado por Young Living, ofrecemos nuevos cursos de video en línea todos los meses.


Aprenda más sobre nuestro recursos en español aquí

We know Young Living products + we've built the biz + we'll tell you what we're learning

(Let's do this thing together!)

We have three products to help you learn more + live well

1. OilyApp = like having a desk reference guide on your smartphone that does things a book can't do. Learn more here

2. OilyApp+ (Plus!) = our web-based content, different than the app, whereby we release new courses every month.

3. Short Books You'll Actually Read = a book series we began this year, with a goal of dropping one 80-100 page title once a month for 10 months in 2019. See the latest releases here.

And, we have a weekly podcast you can access absolutely free!

Here's the quick overview of each- as well links to dive deeper

1. OilyApp = the baseline = a desk reference in the palm of your hand!

One of the best places to begin your essential oil education journey is with our app. Bought in your app store (iOS or Android) for a one-time fee (no ongoing billing!), our content is reviewed by Young Living corporate- so it's always compliant and up-to-date.

Learn more about the app here

2. OilyApp+ (Plus!) = next level  = always a steady stream of new info with The Plus!

Every month, we released a new course + an eBook + our best graphics through OilyApp PLUS. Since we drop it once a month, on the first date of the month, it's not overwhelming. Yet, at the same time, there's always something fresh and exciting to learn.

This is a great way to learn for yourself or even to educate your friends (or biz team, if that's your jam).

Learn more about The PLUS! here

3. Short books you'll actually read = easy ways to share, learn, grow

We're all busy. So, we created the "short books you'll actually read" series. Full of pictures and packed with practical tips, these books cut the fluff... because, well, who has time for it?!

Learn more about our short books here

The OilyApp podcast is one of the best ways to expand your thinking!

Every week we interview someone who's learned to live + work from anywhere, escaped the grind of the 9-5, is living the life of their dreams, and is doing more good.

These weekly talks will encourage, equip, and empower you to dream bigger!


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