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Young Living's PSK is radically usable- if you open it.

The company stands by its Seed to Seal process, guaranteeing you'll receive the best in essential oils. But, a sealed box ain't gonna help no-one, nowhere. Don't fall victim to Sealed Kit Syndrome- open the box!

Most people begin their journey into the wonderful world of Young Living with the essential oils Premium Starter Kit.

Yes, there are people who become members in others ways- and there always will be. Some will opt-in via Thieves, and others will join with Ningxia Red.  Savvy and Slique kits opened more entry points. But the vast majority begin with the oils.

The Kit has it all…

  • 12 of the most popular and most well-rounded oils ever.
  • Diffuser of your choice (enabling you to use the oils in all 3 ways we use them: touching, tasting, and breathing).
  • 2 servings of the powerhouse drink, Ningxia Red.
  • Enough Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate to make a full bottle for all your household needs.

And, of course, you get access to premium membership-only features like Essential Rewards, YL Go, and your VERY OWN Virtual Office!

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The PSK is backed by Young Living's proprietary Seed to Seal promise!!

Seed to Seal is the company's guarantee that there's no fluff, no fillers, and no funny-business about those oils.
Young Living uniquely maintains control of the product all the way from the moment the seed goes into the ground until the time they test it...
Then they test it with the most extensive battery of integrity-verifying systems and tools anywhere before they SEAL it and send it to you.
That's where you come in. You've got to unseal that kit!

Face it: whereas open oils do wonders, permanently sealed oils don't do jack squat!

There are a lot of reasons people leave the kit sitting on the shelf…

They mean to open it, but they get busy. So they put it off until tomorrow.

And they they forget what they learned when they signed up to become a member. They learned a lot of new info that night, and they've forgotten some of it.

Later, it becomes easy to just keep doing what you've always been doing (even if that means getting the same well-worn results you've always gotten).

No worries. We're here to help. Give us 10 minutes a day for 21 days and we'll give you tools to transform you into an essential oil ninja- or Ningxia- whichever

Don't become a victim of Sealed Kit Syndrome!

We wrote the book after asking a few questions-

"What if we had a new member in our organization, but we could never speak to them, yet we wanted to be certain they had access to all of the information they would ever need in order to effectively launch their Young Living journey?’"- what would THEY need to KNOW and be able to DO to live well?

An OPEN kit is good for EVERYTHING. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

Chapter 5 of the book leads into the 21 Day Challenge and you’ll learn…

  • Specific things we'd want to tell new members about essential oils…
  • Why Young Living was the best choice (and how you can be totally sure).
  • How to use those products (and avoid Sealed Kit Syndrome).
  • How to order more while getting the best price and benefiting from the incredible rewards program Young Living offers.
  • How to navigate their Virtual Office for additional info.
  • Where to learn about the other products YL offers, and how to “Ditch & Switch” to them…
  • Safety concerns for kids and pets…

AND a whole lot more!

More about the book

Essential Oils 101 is release #6 in our "short books you'll actually read" series. 142 pages short, the book contains over 35+ rich images (full-color in the eBook!) that makes Essential Oils super-simple and pleasantly practical.

Here's the overview, chapter by chapter: 

1. Essential Oils Defined

Main idea= Essential oils are the life source of the plant. Usually derived from Steam distillation, Many oils have therapeutic properties that assist your body in functioning at its optimum level.

2. How to Use Essential Oils

Main idea= You can use essential oils topically (touch them) aromatically (smell them) or internally (ingest/taste them). 

(We talks safety, kids, and pets in this chapter, too!)

3. Quality Matters

Main idea= Young Living controls their product from the moment the seed goes into the dirt until the goods arrive in your home.

4. Twelve Oils & More

Main idea= The easiest way to begin your essential oil journey is with Young Living’s Premium starter Kit. A diffuser, 12 of the most popular oils, and a combo of bonus items create the perfect jump-start!

5. Think Inside the Box

Main idea= the best way to start using your oils is to… well… start using your oils. We created the 21 day challenge to empower you to move from an essential oil newbie to a natural health juggernaut in just 3 weeks.

Bonus- The 21 Day Challenge

Chapter 5 leads you into the 21 Day Challenge. You can follow along in the book OR you can register for FREE online access. 

(This is a great way to teach your new team members, helping them start their health + wellness journey!)

Bonus- How to Run Your Own Class

This short chapter shows you how to use Essential Oils 101 as a resource to teach others! 


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