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This video was recorded February 7, 2019, during an introductory webinar Dr. Benjamin Perkus hosted for OilyApp. The beauty of the Aroma Freedom Technique, which he created, is that it combines the best of clinical psychology AND the science of essential oils. Even if you have no experience in either, with minimal exposure, you can use- and even lead others in- the AFT and realize immediate results.

Note: Dr. Perkus was also the guest on podcast episodes #43 (https://www.oilyapp.com/blog/43 - in which he shares the history AFT) and #44 (https://www.oilyapp.com/blog/44 - where he gets extremely practical. Both of those talks will be helpful after watching this video. 

Here’s the content of the webinar. You may find it helpful to scan these notes as you listen to or watch the video.


There are three fact about human nature…

First, we are designed to explore and grow. We experience this as infants first crawling into areas we shouldn’t, and we continue this as adults. All living things grow and- when able- they explore.

Second, we are ALSO designed to learn from experience and to avoid pain by creating “inner rules.” That is, some of our exploration and experience hurts us.

We learn to avoid the hot stove- most often by experience. We make a rule that informs us: “Don’t touch the stove.”

We do the same things with heights: “Don’t fall, that could hurt you.”

We also learn to avoid certain things in relationships. We guard our hearts. We stop being vulnerable. We withhold trust.

Now, these can be functional rules (i.e., don’t touch fire) OR they can be dysfunctional rules- such as many of the issues we carry into relationships. One of the issues is that we indiscriminately make them in order to self-protect. 

Third, finally, we are designed to HIDE those rules from our conscious mind. That is, you might not even know what the rules are- you might be unaware of something that is holding you back. And, in fact, it may not eve exist any more.

You’ve probably seen a dog with an invisible fence. When the dog was young, he was trained not to cross a barrier- or he would be shocked. In time, the trainer removes the barrier, yet the dog remains in place. Why? Because of #2 above: he created a rule NOT to cross the barrier, lest he receive a jolt. 

No more exploration or growth (#1), even though he’s probably not even aware that the shocker is gone (#3).

The elephant being held by the rope… is another example.


The tension we live

This creates a tension for us. We know what we want to do, what we desire in life. But those hopes and dreams often stand in contrast to what’s safe. Our rules continue informing us- even if we’re unaware of them, even if the boundaries are no longer in place. 

For instance, we want to grow a large business to bless our family and others. We know what that looks like… but we’re afraid to talk to people 1:1. Hence, we don’t make any progress at all.

At this point, our minds flood with negative thoughts….

Now, we can go to war with those thoughts- but that just creates more tension. It creates more conflict internally. We push our way through things… until we hit a wall and stop. The “stop” often reinforces the rules we already had in place.

We feel stuck.

At some point, we’ve got to bust through the negativity. And that’s where the Aroma Freedom Technique comes in.


Enter Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

The AFT is…

#1- Easy and gentle. It’s super simple and feels “safe.” You won’t feel weird.

#2- Not medical. We stay “above the line,” as we don’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe anything. We don’t use psychological terms, and we don’t label anyone. We deal with their stories and how they feel- largely by guiding them through a series of steps in which they have to communicate very little info to us- if they don’t feel like sharing.

#3- Can be used to help others OR for self-care.


Why does it work?

One of the reasons it works is because our sense of smell is: 

#1- The most powerful sense we have.

#2- Tied to survival (i.e., you smell spoiled food so you avoid it.

Sacred smells such as Frankincense and Sandalwood have been used for religious purposes for centuries. For instance, take a look at the Old Testament and notice how often Frankincense appears (it’s part of the anointing oil AND the oil of incense).

#3- Smell and memory are linked. 


Three techniques of AFT

There are three techniques with AFT- one dealing with the past, one dealing with the present, and one looking to the future.

#1- Memory Resolution (past).

#2- Aroma Reset (present)- this is the 60-second process, and is designed to remove the stress from a current situation. 

#3- Aroma Freedom (future)- while we need to deal with past issues, remember… we’re designed to move forward. This goes back to Fact #1 at the beginning of this conversation…

For this introductory webinar we work through an introduction of the 12 steps, which accomplishes #3. It takes about 15 minutes.

By the way, there are SEVEN oils Dr. Perkus (DP) regular uses.

  1. Frankincense 
  2. Lavender
  3. Stress Away

These three work well on the amygdala, which is where memories and emotions work. And, they’re all in the Premium Starter Kit. 

As well, DP often uses these: 

  1. Release 
  2. Inner Child
  3. Transformation 
  4. Trauma Life

He felt it was important to work with oils that were always readily available, hence the “memory blend” he’s labeled using the first three.


The first nine steps

Listen in and go through the following...

#1- Set a goal or intention. And, on a scale of 1-10, determine how likely it is. How possible does this feel?

#2- What do you hear about this

#3- Notice how you feel when you heard that voice. Feel it. Give yourself permission.

You might feel defeated. Discouraged. Overwhelmed. Sad. Discouraged. 

Be sure to name the feeling.

#4- Find the feeling in your body. 

(Memories are stored by the brain in our body! This is why, according to Dr. David Stewart, many people who carry bitterness or unforgiveness experience immediately healing in their back- or some other place- upon forgiving a person. The harmful memory has been stored in their body! The pain is a reminder that they have “unfinished” emotional work to do- work of which they may even be unaware. I’ve seen this firsthand- when people have come to me for healing prayer. Sometimes, I ask them if they need to “release” someone. When they do, healing often comes.)

#5- Connect with that feeling, and drift back to an earlier time when you felt the same… you may go back far in time. It could be one memory, or many… It may catch you by surprise. Or it may make complete sense. But find the memory.

#6- Use the oils…

Here’s how: take one drop of Frankincense, Stress Away, and Lavender…

Breathe these into that memory.

#7- Pay attention… see what happens to the image, the thoughts, and your feelings. 

If there are emotions present, that’s fine. Let them release… don’t hide from them. Experience them.

#8- Pay attention to any changes. The memory may shift. In fact, It likely will. You will begin developing a new mindset.

#9- Go back to the original goal. See what the number is…

For many, it will go up. You’ve made progress.

Note, if the number goes DOWN, no worries. You’ve tapped into a core issue, and are making progress. Now, you know what to deal with…


Do it again, round 2

DP immediately led the group back into a second round of the same, repeating the steps above…

#1- Remind yourself of the goal or intention.

#2- Listen to what the negative voice says about it. You may hear something different, you may hear the same thing…

#3- Find one word to describe how you feel…

#4- Find the feeling in your body.

#5- Connect with the feeling and drift back to another time when you’ve felt that feeling (again, could be close, could be far back… even if you don’t know WHY that memory arises, land on it.)

#6- Use the oils. Focus on the snapshot of that memory while you retrieve the memory blend.

Note: on the second round, if you have Inner Child essential oil, use it… 

If there’s no memory, just relax…

#7- See what happens as you breathe into the memory.

#8- Notice if a new mindset and belief pattern comes to you. You may receive a new perspective.

#9- Look back at the original goal. See where you are now.

A new mindset, a hopeful expectation… that we can actually do things. 


What now? Step 10…

Note: if your new number is less than an 8, go back and repeat step 2.

On the Zoom (and in this recording), DP leads three rounds. You may not need three. Once you get an “8,” go to Step 10…

#10- Create an affirmation, a positive statement in the present tense… 

Note: we didn’t want to do it until we cleared the negative out- lest we make a negative affirmation OR one that’s LESS THAN who we truly are.


Step 11, getting your entire body involved

Now it’s time to get your entire body involved. 

#11- Say the affirmation with a power pose.

It could be- 

  • Hands raised in victory, 
  • "Wonder Woman," hands on hip
  • Hands on your heart

Or, something else…

One or more may work better for you- and probably will. We’re all different. 

Putting it in a “power pose” anchors it for us, and helps us tie our entire body in this…

Our sense of smell (oils), and our emotions…and our thoughts… and our bodies…

Do this 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the night, for 3 days. This anchors the belief

Note: pay attention- and see how you feel… 

Again: feel free to pull some other oils in as you’d like (i.e., Transformation, Valor, etc.).


Step 12, make a plan and take action daily

Think about the next step to bring this into reality. An action.

It could be…

  • Making a phone call…
  • Having a conversation…
  • Registering for something…
  • Teaching a class…

You don’t have to know the ENITRE road map, but consider the next best step.

The Feelings Kit from Young Living is something I use just about every single day. Sometimes I use it twice- in the morning AND at night, after the morning shower AND before I go to bed...

In fact, I've got a routine I use with it. After discussing the “what” and “why” of emotions I walk you through it.

In this class, too, we outline 3 simple steps (yes, they're EASIER said than done, for sure) that will empower you to allow your emotions to serve you RATHER THAN you being held hostage by them, yanked around by them...

Our emotions are gifts, things God gave us in order to help us understand what's happening around us and in us. In the same way that physical sensations such as pleasure and pain help us encounter the world, so also do emotional sensations (such as fear and joy).

And, no, Fear isn't a liar. It can serve you. And serve you well. As can all of your emotions. The “good” ones, the “bad” ones, and everything in between.

In fact, your total health will never rise above the level of your emotional wholeness. So, flip the page. Let’s get this one right and allow our emotions to empower us rather than enslave us!

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