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If you're only using Thieves as an essential oil, you've only hit the tip of the iceberg

We decided to do a deep dive into "all things Thieves."

We went beneath the surface and discovered so much more about this powerhouse immune support- so much, in fact, that it's mind-boggling.

We captured it all in our 98-page book (one of our "short books you'll actually read" series that contains lots of pictures, great graphics, and makes it all super simple).

And we filmed an overview of the entire thing in an online course!

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The people in the Middle Ages did some crazy things- but this is one they might have gotten right!


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Even though the Black Death annihilated 50% of the population, three noted groups survived!

Group #1- Doctors

You've probably seen strange guys like this on etchings and historical drawings.

Turns out, these are doctors (not undertakers). They were able to walk among their patients who were sick and ill because of their "strange" outfits- 

  • Beak noses to create an "inhaler" of spices and essential oils

  • Flowing robes drenched with oils
  • Incense creating an environment wherever they went

Group #2- Priests

Several priests were known for gutting oranges, then stuffing them with sponges that had been soaked with a brew known as "Marseilles Vinegar."

Those who wore used the makeshift diffusers didn't catch the plague; those who didn't... well, they did. in other words, some ministered healing and last rites; others were given last rites.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Group #3- Thieves

These are the most famous guys of all. Apparently, they were able to rob sick & dead victims without ever contracting the illness. When caught, they were told they would be freed if they revealed their secret.

They confessed that they rubbed a mixture of essential oils on their wrists, the bottoms of their feet, and the back of their necks.

(They were promptly beheaded, the story goes.)

There's ONE THING all 3 groups had in common

Four ingredients consistently show up in their home-made "wellness concoction"-

Each story suggests the 3 groups used: 

  • Clove = #1 immune support
  • Lemon = circulation and more
  • Cinnamon = healthy blood sugar
  • Rosemary = other stuff that keeps the internal parts less puffed and more free to move

These are items most people in the Middle Ages had nearby. 

When he went to formulate his own version, Gary Young (the founder of Young Living Essential Oils) added another ingredient that wasn't readily available back in the day: 

  • Eucalyptus Radiata = respiratory support

This is THE powerhouse immune support!

We break down the science in Video #2 (and in chapter 3 of the book). And we provide you with a step-by-step on-ramp in Videos #3 & #4 (chapters 4 and following)

More about the book

All Things Thieves is release #5 in our "short books you'll actually read" series. 98 pages short, the book contains over 20 rich images (full-color in the eBook!) that makes everything Thieves super-simple and pleasantly practical.

Here's the overview: 

1. Toxins, Deficiencies, and Your Body

Main idea= Health involves creating space where your body can thrive by doing what it already wants to do. Eliminate toxins + shore up any deficiencies & your body naturally heals itself!

2. The Tale of Four Thieves

Main idea= Modern science is beginning to “catch up” with some of the things we once thought  were ridiculous.

3. The Secret Sauce Revealed

Main idea= The Thieves blend is your powerhouse immune support. Each oil works together in perfect synergy to create an environment where your body can do what it does best.

4. Mr Yuk & Poison Control

Main idea= Keeping your family away from poisons inside of bottles makes no sense if you cover environment with the contents of those bottles.

5. Clean Your House First

Main idea= You’ve got to focus on your internal health and your everyday environment for optimal results. One of the best places to begin is your own home.

6. The Ultimate Ditcheroo & Switcheroo

Main idea= make the transition to chemical-free living without breaking your budget by ditching the toxins you currently buy and switching to healthier alternatives.

7. 67 Legit Uses For Thieves

Main idea= Once you learn the basics of Thieves, you can integrate this Uber-immune support into every area of your life.



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