In our May 2020 release for OilyApp+, we take an honestly raw look at why should you investigate Young Living as a potential income stream for you and your family.

What is Boost?

It's an OilyApp Online class about jumping off the time-for-money tango… then grabbing hold of your vehicle to live + work from anywhere, be well, & live the life of your dreams. (Or, to say it another way, why you should take a serious look at doing the business side of Young Living.)

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If you’re a member of Young Living Essential Oils, you’re ALREADY eligible to earn an extra income that could bring an extra $50, $500, $5,000, or even $50,000 your way… per month.

In the Spring 2020, everything we thought we know about income stability, job security, and just about everything else up-ended. As politicians decided which jobs are "essential" and which ones aren't, it left many of us wondering... what can we do? Turns out, we can do a lot!

Even if you’re NOT motivated by money, this is the dance most people step full stride right into… and it’s a rut. In fact, we’re so conditioned by our culture to do this, that many people emerge from college with massive debt, almost guaranteeing they’ll stay on this treadmill, trapped in the rat race…

But there is a better way.

And our four mindset shifts lead us there…

We outline 4 that you need to make in order to make the “boost.”

Here’s a teaser…

We discuss residual income, the truth about network marketing, the notion that you don’t have to sell a bunch of stuff (that people don’t want or need, don’t know how to use, can’t afford, or will only purchase once), and…

… we’ll talk about the emerging global trends that make this THE time to roll into a home business opportunity (turns out, these trends have nothing to do with Covid-19, yet Covid-19 actually makes BOTH of these trends make all the sense in the world).

By the way, the system is set up *against* you and I breaking free… and that’s why we’ve got to come to term with the three secrets we outline…

(And once you see them, they’re obvious.)

Here they are:

Secret #1 = You must own an invest (not be an employee or even self-employed) to get ahead. We’ll use Robert Kiyosaki’s four quadrants (he’s the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad to show you how to do it).

Secret #2 = You CAN earn while you learn AND you CAN learn while you earn— even if you don’t have any experience in the industry.

Secret #3 = You CAN do all of this without selling people a bunch of stuff…



And, at the end of this hour, you’ll see that:

A) the best way (not the only way, but the best way) to escape the time-for-money tango is through network marketing.

B) the best way (not the only way, but the best way) to do network marketing is via Young Living.


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