Our Business Basics 101 series is up… and it’s golden…

Lots of nuggets in this one.

Here’s why you need it—

👉 It’s NOT an explanation of the comp plan (we’ve already got that in OilyApp+)

👉 It IS an overview of common sense questions, tips and tricks you might not have thought about…

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In this course you'll learn...

💎 Video #8. A lot of people get frustrated when they begin working a home-based biz, because “they don’t get paid what they’re worth.” In this video we tell you to stick it out, because at some point the hours to income ratio flips and you get paid MORE than you’re worth…

💎 Video #2. A bunch of people order products for their friends— and get their friends to “pay them back.” We’ll show you a better strategy and explain why…

💎 Video #11. People want to know how long it will take to reach a certain rank. Though you can’t EVER make any promises, the Income Disclosure Statement offers some great hints.

💎 Video #6. Working it like an actual job. The great part of working from home is that you can work when you want to… the hard part… is that you might not ever “want” to. We’ll outline a strategy for you in this one…

14 videos— all about 5-7 minutes long— of tips & tricks to get started. While other series focus on the comp plan specifically, this series gets practical.

Need a quick tutorial to help you wrap your head around the business side?

Here’s the overview…

✅ Why we created this series

✅ Don’t buy kits for people

✅ Why the Fast Start Bonus exists…

✅ Strategic Placement

✅ Dress (and act) like the job you want

✅ Getting started, being consistent

✅ Getting to Silver— and continuing

✅ The hours to income ratio flips

✅ Doing the right things at the right time

✅ The difference between dream-kissers and dream-misses

✅ Reverse engineer your paycheck

✅ Your goals only— not mine or someone else’s

✅ Live and learn— and then share it

✅ People connect with people

Best of all, this video course AND 40+ others are all INCLUDED with OilyApp+…


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