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In this 7-video series (total run time = 50 minutes) JB gets real & raw about hard things

If you’ve never dealt with anxiety, panic attacks, or depression, there’s no way to understand how people who suffer from it- in any degree- feel. For those of you living under the weight of hard things, know this: what you feel is real, and we see you. Let’s talk…

It's all broken down for you by JB!

Here's the play-by-play of what's in this online course!

First, what you feel is real. It's not fake, imagined, or silly.

Stress, anxiety, and depression all come from the same neuro-pathway (read: brain-road). JB explains it here...

And, he talks about how these emotions are, really, amplified versions of natural feelings we WANT to feel. We just get into trouble- and feel that cloud- when they get too loud!

Second, understand there are two halves of your brain- and we need them both working in balance to feel healthy & whole.

A lot of people assume  you're either left-brained (logical) or right-brained (emotive). However, BOTH sides are important. 

JB shares his own story of struggle in this video and explains why two halves are required to be whole!

If you've built a "stress or negativity" pathway- even if just out of sheer survival- we'll show you how to rebuild it.

Third, because of neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to change!) we can turn on the other side of the brain and move towards balance!

In this video we'll discuss how we're all different and interpret different like experiences differently- giving them differing weights and influence over us. 

Then we'll talk about how we're the same- and discuss a few things we can all do to turn the left side of the brain on.

Fourth, we'll give you a few "lifestyle" tools you can use to support your transformation... including the "mind dump" journal.

We'll show you how to do this even if you're not a writer. In fact, the less like a writer you are, the better this one goes...

We'll explain why.

And, in the process you'll learn more about how your brain works, how color and texture effect it, and more things you can do to step away from under that cloud.

Fifth, it seems like we always bump into this one in every course, but the reality remains- you ARE what you eat.

Turns out, sugar fires-up the right side of the brain and protein fires up the left side- the half we want to turn on. Proteins also provide the building blocks for neurotransmitters, which are urgently-important as you begin rewiring your brain!

We'll show you how to eat for an emotional boost. That is, after watching this short video you'll know how to eat to win!

Sixth, several experts have blazed a trail, providing us with some tools to live free!

You may have heard of "Emotion Code," EFT / "Emotional Freedom Technique," Tapping, or the Aroma Freedom Technique before. These are incredible resources which are great to leverage in your freedom march!

Tip: Watch our course on the Feelings Kit! Tip: Watch our course on the Freedom Kit(s)! Tip: Watch our Zoom call replay with Dr. Benajamin Perkus, founder of The Aroma Freedom Technique!

Seventh, finally, we'll show you some of the best products on the planet to empower your freedom march!

Let me give you a spoiler alert: all essential oils work with the limbic system. Therefore, they effect your mood.

However, there are a few which are super-special for this category of health + wholeness. We outline them in this course.


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