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Turns out, Mom was right. You are what you eat. Garbage in = garbage out...

Here's what that means for you. Most people wonder where to begin when they start doing the "health" thing. It all seems so overwhelming, and it's easy to *think* that you've got a long way to go.

Where do you begin?

In this four-part video series, exclusive to OilyApp+ members, Dr. JB makes it super simple and pleasantly practical.

Like he says, "Health is simple, it's just not easy."

We've got the simple part covered here. The majority of the time you can reach ALL of your body systems by beginning with the gut. In other words, let's tackle the digestive system. 

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Video #1 = Why here, why now?

So get a load of this stat: 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut. That explains why you can eat a salad and feel golden or eat half a pizza and feel like poo. If you want a well-running machine, you gotta feed it the goods.

Health practitioners now refer to the gut as the "second brain," too. Take a look at that pic. It's shaped like one. And, it has more neurons that a dog's brain. Is "man's best friend" smart? Yeah, so is your stomach.

So let's start there. 

Video #2 = Beat down the bandits

As you might imagine, there are a few foes of a healthy digestive system. No worries, though. In this short video, we'll expose 'em and show you how to handcuff 'em.

Then, show you where to find some help!

Video #3 = Enlist a little help from your (digestive) friends

We're not just about "rubbing oils" and "chowing supplements," we're about lifestyle change. A healthy routine will bring some digestive friends to the forefront, friends that won't just effect your digestive system- they'll help you make progress in other areas, too.

Video #4 = the powerhouse products that support it all

Finally, JB breaks down the products that will help you support the digestive system. After watching this video, you'll know what you already have on hand (you might be surprised!) that can support your digestive system AND you'll know what to add to your next Essential Rewards order.

It's all broken down for you by Dr. Jim Bob!

In each video he tells you, step-by-step, why to begin with the gut, how to leverage your diet, the common villains you'll encounter, friends of digestive support, and the Young Living oils you should use!


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