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For the past few years, Dr. Jim Bob has taught his info far and wide- across YouTube, Facebook, and the now-defunct Periscope. This month, he starts dropping exclusive content in an easy-to-find right here with OilyApp+.

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Endocrine support = healthy hormones, and everybody knows if your hormones get out of whack you go wonky!

Video #1 = Adrenals

Your adrenals are your first responders to daily stress. Help them NOW and they'll help you when you need them the most!

If your adrenals get out of whack, you'll feel like you tired all day, yet you may find it hard to sleep at night! What a double-whammy. This video will help you get back in rhythm.

Video #2 = Thyroid

A lot of people spend years & buckets of money chasing health issues that are- get this- resolved by a healthy thyroid. Face it, the thyroid is responsible for hormone balance, your metabolism, and a whole lot more! 

Not sure where to go, start here!

Bonus = the checklist

After watching the videos, you'll want to download this PDF and keep it somewhere for easy access. It lists the essential oils and supplements referenced in the videos.

It's a great tool for your notebook, and incredible to share with friends or team members who may need the help of a Stress Shield themselves!

It's all broken down for you by Dr. Jim Bob, complete with his notepad!

In each video he tells you, step-by-step, how to leverage your diet, your lifestyle, Young Living essential oils, and Young Living supplements !


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The best news = you get it FREE!

That's Ernie Yarbrough, a Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living AND the co-founder of OilyApp & OilyApp+. We've teamed up to bring you great content each month throughout the year.

As a welcome OilyApp+ you'll receive the Stress Shield course totally free!

Common Questions About OilyApp+

Note: OilyApp+ is a different product that OilyApp -->> yet it's the PERFECT companion to take your learning + your biz to the next level.

No. OilyApp+ is a web-based experience. It's mobile friendly, so you'll be able to login on your smartphone, but everything is hosted from this website.

(You CAN create a shortcut button on your smartphone screen, however, thereby giving you a bookmark to go STRAIGHT to OilyApp+ and login!)

You receive instant access to the monthly class (videos + script), the "JB in 60" videos, our best graphics, and more.

Nope. You can cancel anytime.

Absolutely not! In fact, we're adding a few features to OilyApp (create a wish list, etc.). OilyApp was designed to function as a desk reference on your smartphone- so that you could take your info about the best Young Living products with you everywhere.

Of course, we added some things that desk references can't do- things like stock notifications, managing your own inventory etc.

OilyApp (the app) isn't going away. We'll continue refining it and providing support. 

Yes. Our website is mobile-responsive. So, it will work on your smartphone, on your tablet, on your laptop, on your desktop... 

Login with your user name + password (which you create) from any & all of your devices.

Yep. As long as you share a user name + password for our site, you can both login and out from any + all of your devices- including your phone and his/hers, your laptop and his/hers, etc.

Once sign up, you have access to that current month PLUS all future months- as long as you're a member. You can select access to "back issues" of OilyApp+, as well.

You'll have forever access and be able to login from all of your devices by using your user name + password.

OilyApp+ = Classes you can use, access to the top leaders, graphics and other resources!

Join OilyApp + here AND receive Dr. Jim Bob's court STRESS SHIELD totally free!

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