Emotional health isn't just about cleaning up the clutter, it's about building something new, something better.

The two freedom kits work well to empower you to:

  • Sleep well + rest well, so that your body can reset after coping- or while facing- hard things (Freedom Sleep Kit), and
  • Live empowered, with a renewed outlook (Freedom Release Kit).

Further, these kits have a one-two punch:

  • You'll handle the past, and
  • You'll be ready to embrace your best future!
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Young Living's Freedom Sleep & Freedom Release kits empower you to move through the past and live forward, experiencing your best life now!


In the same way electronic devices sometimes need a hard reset, so also do we. Sleep is when your body moves back into alignment with the rhythm you were created to live. Before doing the tough work of the soul, rest. In fact, many times sleep alone resolves much of what we're dealing with.

The Freedom Sleep Collection

Containing four of Young Living's most powerful therapeutic blends, this kit is perfect for people who: 

  • are suffering from negative life experiences 
  • want the rejuvenating effects of going to bed more relaxed

In other words, it's designed for people who need to "reset the hard drive of the soul."



The Freedom Collection not only empowers you to rest from the tough stuff of the past (even if the past is "current"), it empowers you to move forward, into your best future.

The Freedom Release Collection

Comprised of five oils designed for emotional support and wholeness, the second kit is the next step for people who: 

  • want to release frustration, anger, and depression
  • are seeking emotional balance, positive energy flow, and a positive outlook on life

In other words, after you've done the "hard reset" these are the tools to help you move back into "go" mode.



(And the instructions are included.)

Founder Gary Young created these kits to work together!

Each kit contains practical instructions how when to apply the oils (twice a day, morning and night), as well as where to apply them (i.e., Freedom on your feet, Valor on your chest + heart, etc.).

As well, you'll learn to use the Sleep collection for 30 days, followed by the Release collection for 30 more.

(Some people opt to place one kit on their Essential Rewards order one month, followed by the next kit for the following month. We recommend purchasing them both as soon as they're available, because these kits are so popular they always sell out immediately!)


Or, continue reading to learn more about what's inside!

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Everyone faces hard things. That’s right, everyone.

It’s almost a given that tough stuff will come. In fact, the wisest man who ever lived wrote, “There’s a time for everything… a time to weep and a time to dance, a time to laugh and a time to mourn” (Ecclesiastes 3:4).

None of us are immune to hard things. And, that tough stuff might come as a one-off event, or it might come as a protracted season in which something difficult just seems to drip, drop, and dredge upon us. Rest assured, though, we all face it. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”

The first thing to do when facing trials is to seek rest.

In particular, sleep is when our bodies and our souls recover. In the same way electronic devices sometimes need a hard reset, so also do we.

You’ve probably seen a toddler “go bananas.” Rather than scold them for being “emotional,” we simply tell them, “Hey, let’s get you some sleep.” We know that when they rest, they’ll restart fresh and anew.

Adults are the same way. And, in fact, this “rest thing” is built into the fabric of Creation. It’s how the universe works.

Young Living created a Freedom Sleep kit to equip and empower you to do the tough work of slowing down to rest.

Containing four oils (Freedom, Aroma Sleep, Valor, and Inner Harmony), the collection helps you unwind.

It’s perfect for people who need the benefits of a good night’s recharge.

It’s perfect for people dealing with hard things.

Use the Freedom Sleep kit for 30 days, followed by the Freedom Release kit. 

Whereas one encourages your body, your mind, and your emotions to reset, the other enlivens you to move forward in heath and wholeness- letting go of the past and walking into your best future.

In a real sense, you’ll see that we don’t simply “get over” the hard things. Rather, we learn to set them in their proper place and “get through” them. The 5-oil collection (Freedom, Joy, Transformation, Divine Release, and T.R. Care) equips you well for this journ

In video 5 we move from the oils and talk about other issues that effect our emotional wholeness.

Taking a cue from what we learned from veterans who were clinically diagnosed with PTSD, we discuss something surprising which medical professionals of several faiths and backgrounds agree upon: some times there are other things happening behind the scenes, other things we need to deal with. In this video, we’ll tell you what they all say, as well as show you how to get a handle on it. This is one of the easiest, most engaging steps.

Finally, in video 6, we outline 3 more things you can do to assist your emotional health.

We’ll provide you with 3 tools which cost you virtually nothing (except minimal time + effort), but will sustain you for the long haul.

Remember, emotional wholeness isn’t just about moving through the past, it’s also about making your way into your best possible future.


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We're excited to partner with the powerhouse in essential oils!

Our goal = super simple: teach oils + oil-infused products in a way that you understand them and are able to use them. 

That is, we take the meat, cut it up, and toss out the bones. We place the cookies on the bottom shelf. We're the "easy button" for essential oils.


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