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Hustle- Everybody uses the word nowadays, tossing it out like candy on Halloween or cheap beads at Mardi Gras

But what does it REALLY mean? And how can we ACTUALLY DO IT? And, is there a way to do it and sustain everything else we’ve got going on in life…?

No musician hustles on stage more than the drummer. They keep the rhythm, they physically push the limits, and they create MUSIC…

But the music happens because of the moments of rest…

No rest = all noise.

Yep. Rhythm only happens because of the beat of times ON and cadence of times OFF.

Maybe we can learn a lot from the drummer…

In this class… we’ll talk about TEN oils we use to get it in sync…

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Maybe we can learn about this thing called hustle and bring some balance in…


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First, we look at how the universe is wired!!

There’s a certain way things work, a way of “off” and “on” that’s built into the fabric of the universe.

Look at the Creation story, for instance…

Evening and morning… 

And look at when Adam & Eve are created, at the end of the 6th day… 

And then what they step into…

A rhythm of on and off. 

Second, we discuss why we step out of this rhythm- the cadence for which we were created.

Why don’t we pause, day-dream, take days off, rest… sleep longer…?

Because we strive. 

And why do we strive? 

Because our identity is often so wrapped in what we do.

Third, we get raw about it: hustle isn't bad, toil is!

What is work? 

According to Dan Miller, 48 Days to the Work You Love (book), the Hebrew words for “work” and “worship” are very closely related. There’s no distinction in that mindset between the sacred and the secular…

Go back to the Garden. Work is gifted to us pre-Fall. It’s not a curse.

Toil is the curse…

More about the book

Here's the overview, chapter by chapter: 

1. Creation's Rhythm

Main idea= in music, the rests are as important as the notes you play. Life is the same way. There’s a definite beat to creation that works well for us when we embrace it.

2. What Does It Look Like to Seek the Right Things?

Main idea= It’s not just the things we seek- or hustle for- that matters. Rather, the way in which we hustle is important, too.

3. Intrinsic Identity

Main idea= A lot of hustle is a desperate chase for self-worth. If I don’t resolve who I am- and that I’m worthy, I’ll chase that value in external things.

4. Holy Hustle

Main idea= Any work can be sacred; any hustle can be holy. What’s that mean? Quite simply, it’s reserved for something special.

5. Toil is Evil / Work is Divine

Main idea= Hustle can easily become toil. The opposite of work isn’t laziness. The opposite of work is toil. Hustle, but hustle in a healthy way.

6. Ten Must Have Oils for Life Balance

Main idea= Two oils from each topic to encourage, equip, + empower you to walk in your true identity and to step from toil into healthy hustle.


In this course we explore several themes- and then outline the best oils for each theme.

  • Chapter 1 = Rest (the rhythm of creation), including sleep and pausing throughout the day
  • Chapter 2 = Seeking (being present) vs. striving (performing) 
  • Chapter 3 = Identity, understanding your value is in who you are NOT in what you do or where you stand in relation to your goals
  • Chapter 4 = Stewardship and healthy hustle, as we’re all called to do something extraordinary- as an overflow of who we already are
  • Chapter 5 = Embracing the future as a gift, not as something for which we toil

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