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In this 6-video series, you’ll learn how to support them, how to keep their signals free & clear of clutter, and what to do if these pint-sized powerhouses go incommunicado.

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that tell your body what to do, when to do it, and how. These miniature communicators control most of your body’s functions- orchestrating simple things like hunger to more complex things like your libido, your emotions, and your mood. Let's get after it!

It's all broken down for you by JB!

Here's the play-by-play of what's in this online course!

It's all in your head. Really. A lot of it is, anyway.

Hormones begin in the brain. You can tweet that, insta-story it, or slap it on your Facebook wall.

The hypothalamus tells your body what to produce and your body takes action. In this video we'll discuss the "releasing factors" that give your body the green lights (and red ones), we'll discuss toxins and deficiencies (like always, so you'll have the same grid we always provide you to comprehend how the wonderful machine of your body moves and grooves, and we'll- again- discuss the place of stress.

(Hint: our Stress Shield course is a perfect companion to this one- and is always included in OilyApp+)

This "first world" problem ain't no joke.

Most of them time when people refer to "first world" problems, they're being funny. In this video, we'll discuss xenoestrogens (read: fake estrogens) and how the numerous toxins we encounter through fragrances, household products, paints, and other everyday items cause havoc on our hormones... primarily in the first world.

(Hint #2: You're going to want to watch the "All Things Thieves" course after this- also part of your OilyApp+ library!)

Tip of the day: we're not about diffusing and rubbing oils ONLY --->>> we're about lifestyle change!

In video 3 we'll talk more about the quick changes you can make now to support your body- things like managing stress, movement (exercise), and sleep.

Yeah, there's more, but you get the idea.

Then... what you're waiting for = JB breaks it down, step-by-step, giving you an overview of the Young Living products you need. He discusses supplements AND oils, providing you with a few alternatives for HER and HIM and things that work well for BOTH.

Deep dive = start your kids on the right path now so they don't face this funk later!

By living with intentionality now, we can make the transition for our kids into and through puberty much easier. And, we can empower them to become healthier and more whole version of their adult selves when that time comes.

Why don't ALL people do this?

Quite simply this: there are a few small tweaks they don't know about. We'll make sure you're covered. 

Deep dive = for the ladies, because menopause isn't a disease or a villain.

Although we demonize the transition from the child-bearing years, the rest of the world doesn't. It's a natural progression your body takes in order to "turn off" the hormones you no longer need.

We don't need to "treat" menopause, in other words. We do, however, need to support it.

JB will tell you the most IMPORTANT body system to "shore up" as you face this natural season of life. (And, of course, he'll outline the oils & supplements to use as you do. Another hint: watch the Stress Shield class that's already waiting in your library.)

Deep dive = male hormones are simpler to manage that female hormones (i.e., it's like comparing a light switch to a complete control panel), but...

... but men need support in this area, too. 

Much of a man's identity, mood, physical function, attention (or apathy), emotional wholeness (vs. anger), libido & drive (or lack of it), and fat distribution ("dad bod," anyone) has to do with his hormones.

JB outlines how it all works, and offers you products and practical tips to walk in health.


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