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What if there was a way you could lose weight fast- without going hungry, without growing tired, and without getting irritable?

(And what if we could make it super-simple to understand AND make it pleasantly practical- so accessible that you can eat at any restaurant, find something to eat in any situation you find yourself, and you're not dependent on strict calorie cuts in order to make it work!?)

If losing weight fast- without going hungry, without growing tired, and without getting irritable sounds good to you...

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... then the keto diet might be for you!

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"Finding Keto" is YOUR step-by-step path to fast weight loss AND MORE!

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(By the way, Keto isn't new. It's been around for CENTURIES and has worked for millions of people living in different cultures all around the world. Guaranteed, it will work for you, too!)

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Last year, a family member told me was going to try out new kind of diet- one that allowed her eat foods she enjoyed AND didn't require her to exercise to much... 

I was skeptical. But over the next few weeks I saw (very clearly) that she was right! (I was wrong!)

With Keto, you'll... 

  • Lose weight fast!
  • Won't feel hungry
  • Won't get tired (you'll even have extra energy!)
  • Won't get irritable (I'll show you scientifically why your mind + your emotions will improve!)

Oh, and you'll be able to do this immediately after reading the book. You won't have to sign up for anything, buy a special meal plan, or even stay away from certain restaurants!

Here's the great part: YOU CAN START RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Here's how!

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First, weight loss shouldn't require you to do unhealthy things, right?

A lot of "diets" and nutrition programs require you to do things like: 

  • Starve
  • Restrict your caloric intake
  • Exercise excessively 
  • Take pills, including laxatives and diuretics

That's not how Keto works! In fact, in Finding Keto you'll learn that Keto has been used for centuries to treat numerous health issues- including things like epilepsy, diabetes, fibromyalgia, neurological disorders, and even cancer. 


Second, your body is self-healing. Literally, your body fights for health & wholeness, not dis-ease!

Numerous conditions have been slowed and reversed by Keto because Keto removes toxins from your body (i.e., carbs) and replaces them with nutrients. When your body receives the resources it needs, it moves automatically towards greater health. 

(That means your body automatically gravitates towards your ideal weight!)

Third, you don't have to depend on over-doing it in the gym in order to get results. 

I like the gym, but I don't like to over-do it. And I don't like to feel like if I miss a workout that my fitness will go into the gutter. 

Keto flips the script. On Keto you'll learn that 80% of your health happens in the kitchen, not the gym. 

(Trust me, I stopped exercising for 2 months, stuck to the Keto plan, and lost 15 additional pounds. And, I was already in shape when I did!)

Fourth, the plan is super-simple and pleasantly practical.

There's no big chart you need to keep up with, there are no color-coded cards, there are no strict meal plans... 

Keto categories all foods as one of three things. You learn to eat primarily from one group, moderately from the other, and you avoid the third like the bubonic plague :-)

When you do, your body- on its own- begins burning fat for fuel rather than sugar! When that happens, the pounds melt away.

Fifth, you'll discover how to "run" without going hungry, without growing tired, and without getting irritable.

You'll never run out of energy, because Keto shows you how to use the "on demand" energy you have storied as body fat. The entire premise of Keto is that when you eat fat, your body burns the fat you eat and then burns that body fat you have stored. And it doesn't matter if that fat is decades old.

You can look better + feel younger than you've felt in years. A lot of people are Keto are- at middle age- in the best shape of their lives!

Sixth, I'll show you several things that are counter-intuitive... like this one...

Eat fats to get skinny, because eating "skinny" actually makes you fat! 

Once you learn this- and three other hacks that we often (with good intentions) do backwards- you'll watch the number on the scale go down and you'll feel your energy levels rise!

Seventh, I'll show you why you won't to avoid carbs- they're not "quick energy," they're toxins...

I know. That flies it the face of a lot of the "wisdom of the day." 

When we eat carbs, though, we hijack our hunger hormones causing us to feel hungry all day, causing us to "crash" late in the morning AND in the middle of the afternoon, and we create a scenario where we can never truly live with the limitless energy we were designed to have!

(Plus, most of the "first world" health problems that we see today- things like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression- are caused and/or aggravated by carbs in the diet! I'll show you how to jump off that crazy cycle and step into something better!)


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We all agree that cutting back on the sugar is a good thing, right? 

The average American consumes 50% of their calories from carbs. Turns out, carbs ARE sugar. 

Keto flips the script and say, "Hey, let's cut out all that sugar- and let's avoid all the issues associated with, including the health nuisances that we've learned to tolerate AND the extra weight we're carrying around. Let's get rid of it all."


You'll make a few tweaks and eat healthier than you ever have!

I'll show you how to manage it all- easily- without needing a degree in nutrition, without having to carry around a notebook or pocket calculator, and without having to avoid certain restaurants. By focusing on the macros (no worries- super easy to understand, and it's all in the book!),  you'll learn to crush it anywhere you go.

Feeling hungry? No, not on Keto.

In fact, if you find yourself hungry on Keto, here's what you do: eat something!

Turns out, though, you won't get hunger pains on Keto. And when you crave something, you'll find yourself actually craving things that are truly good for you!

(I'll show you how carbs jack-up your hunger hormones, making it virtually impossible to lose weight. Hunger will sabotage your weight loss every time, so one of the rules on Keto is, "If you're hungry, eat. If you're not hungry, don't.")

Here's why you won't feel hungry... 

Because the Keto plan of nutrition empowers you to unlock the fat reserves you have on your body as fuel. Think about it. Hunger pains aren't just telling your body that you want to taste something, they're communicating to your body that you need fuel.

The average American has 37 pounds of fuel on their body right now- in the form of fat. Keto shows you how to tap into those reserves, use them as "gas" for your day, and melt that fat away!

You won't go "off" and "on" with Keto...

There are two ways to tap into he fat reserves you have on your body: 1) you can starve, or 2) you can go Keto!

You'll never feel hungry (which is where most diets fail), you'll make some predetermined decisions now that will guarantee your success later, and you'll see actual progress every single day!

Here's the best part... 

In the book I'll you exactly how to get started. We'll break it down into simple steps, so practical that you can begin immediately after reading chapter 15!

(Can't wait to get started? Just skip ahead, begin Keto, and then go back and read the rest of the book!)

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You have nothing to lose (except some weight) AND everything to gain!

This is your time!



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