“Essential oils are safer than Cheerios, vitamins with cartoons on them, and soda.”

So, YES, they're safe for your kids! JB breaks it down right here!


One of the most common questions we receive = ARE OILS SAFE FOR KIDS!?

Shortly after we received our kit in the mail, one of our boys slammed his bicycle into a telephone pole. I’m not sure if the front tire or his forehead hit the wooden beam first. Judging by the knot that began growing above his left eye, my guess is that he literally dove over the bars in order to save the bike.

We grabbed the Lavender, applied it directly to his skin, and let it do its thing.

That said, people often ask if essential oils are safe for kids. 

I generally answer by telling them something like, “Essential oils are safer than Cheerios, over-the-counter vitamins with cartoons on them, and soda.” 

Once you understand how essential oils work- as well as how much sugar is in the cereal, the actual ingredients in over-the-counter “vitamins,” and the immediate effects of soda, you “get it.” Do the math. Some of the things we let our kids do are the health equivalents of playing in traffic.

When they look at me strange after receiving my answer, I just reply, “Yes, but it’s best to dilute the oils for smaller people when you’re applying them topically.” 

Here’s how to dilute the oils: 

  • First, find a high quality carrier oil. Consider using Young Living’s V-6 or opt for an organic coconut, avocado, olive, or jojoba oil.
  • Second, dilute the oil based on the age of the child. This decreases the intensity of the application. 

Here are some helpful dilution ratios- 

  • Birth to 6 months = use 1 drop of oil + 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Mix the two together in your hand and massage your baby. 
  • 6 months to 2 years old = dilute the oil 4x the label’s recommendation. For instance, if your toddler decides to play “chicken” with the coffee table and loses, take Lavender’s recommended application of applying directly to the skin- but dilute it times four. That is, for every drop of Lavender you use, add 3 drops of carrier oil.
  • 2 years to 5 years old = dilute the oil with 3x the label’s recommendation. That is, use 1 drop of oil per 2 drops of carrier.
  • 5 years to 10 years old = dilute the oils 2x. That is, use 1 drop of oil to 1 drop of carrier.

Pro tip: Once you learn the oils each of your kids respond to most readily, go ahead and make a rollerball of a diluted mix. We talk more about that on this page: www.OilyApp.com/Rollerball.

For instance, my 9-year old girl responds well to Eucalyptus Radiata. I ordered some empty bottles (and extra rollerballs). I keep a bottle in the drawer on her bedside table. It contains 30 drops of essential oil + 30 drops of Young Living’s V6. This prevents me from having to mix something every time she needs it- and the rollerball makes spills non-existent!

Diluting the oils doesn’t make them “less strong,” anymore than wearing sunglasses makes solar rays less bright. Rather, the dilution filters the intensity, making the oil more palatable for small people. 

Remember, skin is an organ- the largest one we have. You’ll discover that everyone’s skin is different, so everyone responds to the oils in their own way. It’s often best to begin with a “less intense” version in the beginning.

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