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This 2-part series (one 8-minute video + one 12-minute video) is FOUNDATIONAL!

We’re almost conditioned by our culture to look at our bodies from the perspective of “what’s wrong?” and “how do I fix it?” But… a healthy perspective realizes that our bodies are incredible machines, designed to work magnificently well- when we provide them with the nutrients they need and eliminate the toxins they don’t. In this 2-part video series, JB explains the mindset needed to live “above the wellness line.”

It's all broken down for you by JB!

Here's the play-by-play of what's in this online course!

First, he'll give you a great metaphor that outlines the "wellness mindset," the checkin engine light!

The orange light on your dashboard alerts you to say, "Hey, what's wrong? I need to take a look."

We all know that.

The light does NOT tell you to start removing parts from the motor, dousing it with random fluids, or even just assuming, "Hmm... this car may not run. Perhaps it's destined to be like this forever..."

The light is simply an alert to take a deeper look.

Body symptoms are the same way. JB explains in video 1.

Second, he'll give you tools for the wellness highway. 

Whereas the first video tell you what the MINDSET looks like, the second video outlines what the LIFESTYLE looks like. 

You'll recognize some  of the common themes- ideas that continue making their way throughout the thread of the OilyApp+ courses here... 

You don't have to use all seven ideas immediately, but you'll make faster progress down the road as you implement ANY of them!

For instance, you'll learn to shed the old identity in step #1. This isn't a denial of reality. Rather, it's choosing to embrace the reality that you're designed to live well.

You'll love step #3, too. The fact is that this journey is better + easier + more fulfilling with people. JB explains why and shows you how to find your tribe.

In the end, it's about moving through the past, away from the pain points, and navigating towards your potential.


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