Sometimes you just want to make your own graphics, right?

But you need beautiful, professional images in order to do that in a way that represents the excellence of your brand.

We've got you covered.

Our friend Mohan is a legit professional photographer- the kind who has more money invested in cameras than he does cars. His wife, Jennie, is a Young Living Diamond and he's a Gold. So they know the products and culture of the company, too.


He recently snapped 30-plus amazing pics of the updated 2019 PSK for us. Along with the diffusers. And some awesome variations. This product is exclusive to OilyApp+ members, though, so grab your membership and it's all there- just for you!

And, yes, you have license to use the shots on social media, add text to them for flyers, import them into Powerpoint or Keynote. They're all yours!

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Here's what's inside!

12 artistic images of the updated 2019 PSK oils

Our shots include side-by-side, overhead, outdoor, and other angles.  Rest assured, you'll love them. And, with plenty of "white space" to add your own text, they're perfect to use for a presentation or your social feeds. Add your own text and you're ready to go!

4 stunning images of the most well-known diffusers

One of the most popular ways to use oils is by wafting them through the air- and completely changing the atmosphere. We've posted several shots for you with different lighting options- perfect for highlighting what you want to show the most.

12 beautiful shots, capturing the essence of each PSK oil

Of course, sometimes you want to feature your favorite oil- or the one you need the most for a specific "situation." We've included superb, high-res images that capture the essence of each oil. And, yes, there's plenty of space to craft your own message, drop your logo, and more!

5 photos featuring the oils with the unique diffusers

The PSK comes with your choice of diffuser. So, we added images of the twelve oils with each option- the Aria, the Rainstone, and more!

Additional images... just because

Mohan got creative and added a few shots of his fav Valentine's Day oils. They're great any time of the year, and they provide you with great ideas as to what's possible, so we thought... sure, let's put them in there!

They're all here for you to use!

As an OilyApp+ member you have permission to edit, add text, drop your logo, print, post, share, swashbuckle, or exterminate any of these images!

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