The Farm is where it begins for Young Living Essential Oils!

In this 10-video series, Dr. Jim Bob & Andy stroll through the Mona Farm in Utah, making a few observations about the setup, the legacy, and the culture of Young Living.

This series was shot, unscripted, on a recent trip to SLC to meet with YL Executives and the foundation staff. We thought, while we're in town, why not?!

The series is a perfect companion to fill in the gaps between our product courses and our health classes.

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We shot 10 short videos at the farm when no one was there- except the staff

... and, my oh my, we got a great look and made some fantastic reflections on what happens day in and day out, and what it means for each of us!

The small cottage-looking building that houses the visitor center for the Mona Farm is quaint and inviting… like somewhere you would want to live.

The center contains a small museum, a swag store, and a few products you can purchase. A spacious deck overlooks fields and a small pond.

But, the most fascinating feature of the entire center is this: to get there, you drive through an actual farm. That is, the visitor center is, first and foremost, a real farm where products are produced to be bottled, packaged, and shipped to the consumer.

You don’t need a special pass to visit.

Whereas a lot of essential oil companies hide their farms for “proprietary reasons” (read: they don’t want you to know what’s in the products), we arrived at this one with no reservation and no call-ahead scheduling. We simply showed up.

As we walked the land and even got near the equipment, no one asked what we were doing there. In fact, they encouraged us to take a look around.

No secrets here. All access.

The result of knowing where this farm is (and where all of the Young Living farms are) is that you know the products…

… and you know the people.

Lately, there’s been a big move with foods to “know your farmer.” Why would we expect any less from the farmer who produces the things that go in and on our bodies in other ways- besides foods?

Natural health is for normal people.

And, in fact, it’s the way people did it for thousands of years. While we grateful for the access we have to medical professionals, the things grown in the ground and produced by Creation- naturally- are for our wellbeing.

In this video we talk about some of the historical and Biblical background for this.

Since all things natural are given to us for our good, it makes sense that we take great care in how we produce the products…

Young Living calls this “Seed to Seal,” and it means the company maintains tight controls over the product from the moment the seed goes into the ground until the final product arrives at your house.

Of course, after that, it’s up to you to “unseal” it and begin using the products in order to get the maximum health benefits.

Again, no secrets in the Seed to Seal process…

And, whereas other companies may keep their plants hidden and their farms secret, you can actually walk the Young Living farms.

Throughout this entire shoot, we continued getting interrupted by the sounds of chains saws and tractors, as workers cleared land and hauled items around.

Yet, that’s the point. We were that close to the action.

As Stephen Covey said, “All things that you see are created twice- once in your head and then once in reality.”

All of this, as expansive and beautiful as it looks in person, began in one man’s mind- with vision.

In this video, Dr. Jim Bob talks about what can happen when we see generationally beyond ourselves, when our vision is that large- and that lingering- for people whom we may never even know in person.

Health costs you something. For sure. Un-health, though, always costs far more.

Plus, un-health creates the opportunity costs of things lost- of missing your destiny and not fulfilling your purpose. It’s hard to do that when you’re sick on the couch.

In the end, once you see the care and attention to detail for each product, you actually wonder why thing don’t cost more than they do.

Yes, it’s all a matter of perspective.

When it not only outlasts the founder, but it blooms!

Over a year after Gary’s death, the company he founded is bigger and stronger than it’s ever been. The bloom of the plants at the farm is a great metaphor for what’s happening on an international scale with the movement known as Young Living Essential Oils.

Furthermore, we learn some practical takeaways we can apply to all of life.

This place hasn't been here for 25 years- try 150!

When you walk the farm or even use any of Young Living’s 500+ products, you’re not just swimming in the wake of 25 years of environmental stewardship + business integrity, you’re in the stream of 150+ years of honor…

In this short film Andy takes you to the first picture inside the cottage to introduce you to two people who originally settled this land, raised animals, and grew herbs and distilled essential oils.

How’s that for a legacy?


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