If I have OilyApp do I also need OilyApp+ ?

Great question! Let's talk about which one is right for you!

OilyApp = our original app

Download OilyApp from your smartphone App Store and you'll instantly have a desk reference about Young Living Essential Oils' best products with you everywhere you go!

Plus, you'll have a few benefits a book won't give you. For instance, we provide you with quick updates that require reprinting a book each time a new product comes out, we work in multiple countries, we provide you with stock notifications, you can manage your inventory, and more!

OilyApp has a one-time fee. All updates are included in your forever-access.

iOS users click here to download Android users click here to download

OilyApp+ (Plus!) = a web-based resource

It's not an app, but it's mobile friendly & smartphone responsive. You can login on THIS site from all of your devices, using your user name + password (which you create on this site).

PLUS includes a new video class + script each month, as well as our best graphics and other resources. This is a subscription-based ongoing educational resource.

This is our PREMIUM resources for serious Young Living product enthusiasts + business builders!

Learn more here!

Which one do you need? You need BOTH!

These products work incredibly well together!


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