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God's revelation = His invitation

If you want to walk in health + healing…. if you’re looking for some step-by-step, easy-to-follow tips that have worked for us and thousands of others… if you want some tools to even bless other people… this this is YOUR TIME. 

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In this 4-part video series you'll learn the following...

Natural health and supernatural healing work together. In fact, I think they each enhance each other. If a miracle comes, you’ll want to steward it by living well... 

AND until a miracle comes, you can make progress by making great decisions in the moment. I actually think that if I STOPPED making wise choices with my health, I would revert back to where I was before.

In other words, you can begin walking in health + healing NOW, until a miracle comes. And, when a miracle DOES come, you’ll want to continue walking in health…

Many times when I teach this concept in a live workshop I’ll actually phrase it like this: “Miracle or no miracle, healing happens now!”

I’ll show you the Biblical background for this teaching...

Health + Healing was available in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:29)- and it’s available in Heaven (Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2). In other words, it’s how things began- and it’s how things end. Adam and Eve weren’t robots- nor will we be in Heaven. We can embrace our best future NOW by choosing life.

Two of the words we see translated as “healing” in the New Testament. Notice that one of them- the “choosing to be well” one is used more often than the "miracles" one.

Yes, everything Jesus did was a miracle- but, He often “taught” people how to access those miracles... you guessed it... by making wise choices, by choosing life, by choosing to live well 

There's something profound about the power of human touch- so much so that it's part of the model the Scripture gives us for health.

The Bible calls this "Laying on of hands", and it's a significant activity we see in Scripture… 

In this video we'll talk about WHERE we see oils in the Bible, as well as HOW people ministered to others with them.

(You'll be surprised at how the Bible authors ASSUME we would be familiar with this info- same as crucifixion, baptism, communion, anointing, etc.)

Finally, after laying the groundwork, we'll look at the oils themselves.  

As you move into this video, think about what you need for your body…

Makes notes as we move through the oils of Ancient Scripture (note: there are TEN in Young Living’s kit, but we will review TWELVE… we’ll cover Galbanum and Spikenard, particularly b/c they are featured so often in the Scripture).

In this course we talk about miracles and prayer and natural health- all in the same sitting.

Some people think that to choose one is to negate the other- or vice versa. We’ve learned each of these things work together. 

You’ll find this book to be super-informative, as well as ultra-practical. And, we pull stories straight out of the Bible and show you the oils they used- and why.

Oh, we'll also define the difference between health and healing. You'll see they're not at odds!

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