OilyApp = like having a desk reference on your smartphone that does things a book can't do!

The app is available in your app store for a one-time fee. No subscription, nothing more to pay!

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Oily App was created by real Young Living members who saw a need.

OilyApp was conceived and built by Young Living Distributors just like you.  Ernie Yarbrough (Royal Crown Diamond) and Brad Murray (Gold) saw a need in their wives’ downlines for mobile tools to help share Young Living products.  As they built this app, they also realized they could make it a central location for learning the business as well.  

The team reached out to Young Living corporate and got more help!

As the app was developed, it became clear that-

1. The app needed to be Young Living-wide, and not just for one-team (no team name or member number, etc., is mentioned anywhere in the app). So, the duo reached out to Young Living, to guaranteed the info would be compliant.

2. A partner was needed who could communicate clearly and regularly with OilyApp users to enrich their experience.  The choice for this partner became clear, and Andy Jenkins (Diamond) was asked to join the team.

3. Later, Dr. Jim Bob joined the team and helped us take OilyApp+ to the next level!

All with the goal of fulfilling Gary's mission of taking oils into every home in the world, AND... 

... AND making sure that everyone has current, clear, COMPLIANT info on how to use them! The best products on the planet made and distributed by the best people on the planet deserve the best info available!

OilyApp transforms your smartphone into an essential oil + oil-infused product library

And because we're a verified Young Living partner, you know the info is compliant, current, and capable of being shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Relevant Info

OilyApp is easy to use. Use our inventory manager to keep up with what you have!

Current Content

Stock notifications, new product updates, and corporate news keep you current!

For Anyone, Anywhere

We're active in multiple countries, with relevant & compliant product info.


OilyApp is easy to use. Search by product, by product-type, or even by need.

Priced Right!

Our one-time fee app gives you forever-access for less than what you'll spend on lunch.

Always With You!

We're on your smartphone- which means we're in your hip-pocket, your backpack, etc.

The following features make OilyApp THE BEST product usage app available!

Keep track of what you've got on hand!

If you're like us, you've got oils and supplements scattered around the house. There's a bottle of Thieves in every room... until there's not.

No worries. Use our inventory manager to keep track of what you've got, and you'll always know when to order more!

Seems like everything's always in stock- unless it's the one you need, right?

Hah! Never miss another offering again. Our database syncs with YL's corporate computers. When the place it back in stock, we let you know via PUSH notification.

For those of you who want to do the biz, we've got some tips + tricks to get you started!

Watch our videos on the comp plan (15-plus videos in 5 minute increments make it easy to rewind + review). Or, take a look at how we explain Essential Rewards, discuss "closing" a sale, or even follow-up with new members. 

It's all in the app!

We're a verified + trusted Young Living Partner, and that means...

... that we can bring you exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else. We've made a few trips to meet with Young Living's top execs, shot a few films, recorded some talks... and placed them ALL in the app. 

You can't find them anywhere else :-)

And just for OilyApp users --->

Monthly giveaways. And we're not talking about an oil here and there. We've given way Rainstone diffusers, Golden Touch kits, Oils of Ancient Scripture collections, and more.

Register each month in the app- and you're entered to win!

Questions about OilyApp

Just a one-time fee. OilyApp users pay once for forever-access. Future updates are included in your initial purchase. 

OilyApp + is a separate product that does have a monthly subscription.. 

The app includes the ability to search by oils (singles), by blends, and by oil-infused products. As well, the app features compliant info for multiple markets around the world where Young Living does business.

In addition, the app features stock notifications, a personal inventory manager, and business resources which are exclusive to the app.

OilyApp was started by Ernie Yarbrough (Myra), a Royal Crown Diamond. As OilyApp is a verified partner with Young Living, each update of the app undergoes a compliance check before new material is released. 

Yes! 10% of all purchases are funneled to the foundation. 

As well, the app contains foundation videos exclusive for app owners!

At this time we are offering OilyApp to purchasers outside the United States on a limited basis. Young Living is currently unable to provide us content that is approved for all countries, however, both Young Living and OilyApp plan to update the app for more countries in the future.

Currently OilyApp is available to these countries in English (translations coming soon!):

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. Germany
  5. Great Britain
  6. Malaysia
  7. Singapore


To give the app through Google Play, simply purchase a gift card for the amount of OilyApp and send it to the user to redeem.

Apple makes it even easier to purchase an app directly for someone. See the short video to learn how to easily purchase the app for someone right through your phone and App Store.

OilyApp+ brings you even MORE content and is the perfect complement to OilyApp. Because OilyApp has a one-time fee, we keep the info current and relevant for our Young Living family.

But, our best and ongoing offerings go into OilyApp+. Because the PLUS! has a nominal monthly fee, we're able to continue adding more and more EXCLUSIVE footage, scripts, slides, and more just for you!

Learn about OilyApp+ here.

Download iOS here Download Android here

Yes, you can gift the app to team members + friends --->

We created a short video to show you how to do this. Click here to watch.


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