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Life is Good, But Life is Hard


In this 5-part video course, we define Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using profession criteria. And, we come to the conclusion that most of us are not diagnosable with PTSD.

That's OK. Our goal isn’t to get a diagnosis. Rather, our goal is to talk honestly about the emotional hurts of the past— not matters how big or small they are— so that we can walk forward in greater degrees of health.


Look back, live forward

While we don't want to dwell on the past, sometimes we do need to deal with it in order to move forward. If we don't, we continue living out the same patterns.

Many of us "stuff" or "bury" our feelings— especially the feelings of hurt and pain. The problem is… well… emotional hurts get dealt with. We either handle them in a healthy way, or we handle them in an unhealthy way.

That is, do the tough work of the soul, OR we medicate with alcohol, drugs, hobbies, work, people…

… we fill the void, in other words.


Physical wounds are obvious, but emotional wounds may not be

By the way, part of the issue here is that physical hurts— when they happen, are obvious. As such, we take ownership of them.

But, we can hide emotional wounds. We can hide trauma.

Eventually the pain surfaces. And, if it doesn’t come out in healthy ways (by dealing with it) it surfaces in unhealthy symptoms.

You’ve heard of the classic examples of PTSD. For instance, a truck backfires and someone feels like there’s gunfire nearby. Or a fireworks display resembles a round of mortar fire in the Middle East.

Many people are “triggered” in these ways every day.

  • They receive an email that starts a specific way…
  • Or someone says something which someone who abused them used to say…
  • Or a smell or a sound or something else transports them to a different time + place.

One day, I was speaking with some warriors and it dawned on me: the way you react to certain situations- like the fireworks / mortar fire- is EXACTLY in line with your "training." In other words, it’s the RIGHT response…

… but it’s the wrong situation for that response.

In other words, in a different time + place, this would be exactly how you should respond. It would be healthy. The emotional (or mental) unhealth comes in the fact that we’re responding in the wrong time, in the wrong place, making it the wrong thing for the moment.

In other words, we’re “triggered” by something in the present that really connects us to the past (not to the present). Or, to say it another way, we’re responding to something besides now.


How healthy do you have to be?

In order to be diagnosed, people must meet specific criteria (we'll provide a link this course whereby you can do a self-assessment).

But, all psychological “disorders” fall on a scale. When you take an eval (I’ve had one done), you take an objective written test AND a subjective verbal interview with a licensed professional.

Your “score” falls somewhere on a scale. On one end of the scale is the “healthiest” possible outcome. On the other, is the “unhealthiest” possible outcome.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle, meaning they’re affected by the issue for which they’re being evaluated but they’re not within the range of being diagnosed. That doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from help, it just means there’s no diagnosis.

Think about it like this: 

  • If your arm was 50% fractured, would you consider that healthy?
  • What if you have 65% use of your left foot?
  • What if you had 75% lung capacity?

In each of these cases, we would look for improvement (not necessarily perfection, but betterment).

In the same way, regardless of how healthy we are emotionally, most us will benefit from some soul work.


The Feelings Kit

At the end of this course (total run time = 1 hour) we'll show you how to use Young Living's Feelings Kit to walk towards greater levels of health + wholeness.

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