Look Good + Feel Even Better with Ningxia Red!

Ningxia Red is Young Living's proprietary powerhouse in a bottle. In this quick video, Dr. Jim Bob breaks it down, makes it super-simple, pleasantly-practical, and explains why you need this jugernaut of a drinkable supplement every single day!


If you're not drinking Ningxia every day, you're missing out!

Legit- it's super-power powerhouse of a drink that you need to cleanse your temple. Every. Single. Day.

Why in the world would you NOT drink NingXia Red? Three reasons you should…

First, NingXia Red is loaded with potassium, one of the key components necessary for the function of all living cells. Potassium is responsible for functions like

  • Hormone secretion
  • Heart tone and blood pressure control
  • Glucose and insulin metabolism
  • Renal / kidney ability
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • Cognitive health

In other words, potassium is essential to life.

The problem, though, is that your body doesn't manufacture it You have to “get it” somewhere. Turns out, the wolf berry, the key ingredient in NingXia Red, is one of the highest sources of potassium known to man…

Second, NingXia Red is full of zinc- one of the major factors in overall immune support for your body.

If I offered my kids a handful of Brussel sprouts each morning, they’d refuse. If I asked them to drink a raw egg (like Rocky Balboa), they’d pitch a fit.  Now, get this comparison: NingXia Red boosts 5x the amount of zinc found in a serving of Brussel sprouts, as well as 5x the mount of zing found in a raw egg- all in a single 1 ounce serving

(That’s right. Catch that “1 ounce” part.  You don’t drink NingXia by the glass. You only need “a shot” of the Red to get the benefits. It’s that nutritionally dense. Remember, I told you earlier that this super-fuel comes in a highly dense package!).

Third, wolf berries contain every essential amino acid your body needs for optimal function.  With 13 percent protein content, wolf berries offer one of the highest protein levels of any fruit.  This, too, is vital for cellular health and immune support.

I use Red as a pre-workout energy boost, to supply the “on demand” energy my muscles need when called into action.   We give it to our kids as a pre-day dose of immune support support.  This is part of our daily routine.

Now you know why NR is  go-to every day. I drink it by the shot, I mix it in shakes, I make home-made healthy Frappuccinos with it… you get the idea


Whenever you use your muscles (whether you’re working out OR just living life) your cells go through a process called oxidization. That’s a confusing word, but think of it like this: oxidation is to your cells what rust is to muscles.

(Some sources simply refer to aging as the compounded effect of oxidation + oxidation + oxidation.).

Short version: you need to get the rust off and get those things shiny and new again, right?.

Feel stronger + look better with NR.

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