For many of us, the way we approach our health requires a mindset shift. Rather than looking to solve problems and treat symptoms, we need to get intentionally proactive.

This shift requires resourcing ourselves with the right tools- with things we keep on hand which encourage, equip, and empower us to create sacred space (ourselves) in which our bodies can do what they’re designed to do and health can thrive.

Build Your Wellness Toolbox is JB’s 3-part Video series on health w/ intention, health by design.


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The tools you use are determined by the job you want to do. Plumbers use different tools than painters; carpenters carry different items than car mechanics. 

The same is true in health.

Using simple, everyday language (and lots of metaphors!), JB will break it down and make it pleasantly practical- even if you just started this essential oil journey and have NO IDEA what you're doing!


In this 3-video series, you’ll learn how to get radically intentional about your health!

It's all broken down in THREE 10-minute videos which will give you SIX STEPS you can take towards building your personal TOOLBOX

Here's the play-by-play of what's in this online course!

First, the way we approach this entire "health thing" matters.

A lot of people approach health from a "sickness" mindset. That is, they look to "fix" rather than prevent.  They look to "cure" rather than support.

When we begin looking at health more proactively, we approach health like a carpenter (a planner, a builder) rather than a fireman. We're thankful for both, for sure. However, fireman usually "fix" something (with axes and water-hoses). Carpenters CREATE.

Second, like a carpenter who's building something, we'll get intentionally proactive about our health.

JB outlines  the first 3 of 6 steps you can take to build your toolbox- 

  • Do it on purpose, with intentionality, 

  • Ask good questions (i.e., explore!), and

  • Be proactive

(And, we know, "intentionally proactive" is redundant. But that's the point!)

Third, we'll stop swinging at piñatas- especially blindfolded and in the dark- and, instead, hit a grand slam!

OK. Maybe that's a wee bit of an oversell. 

No grand slams promised- but we will STOP slugging away (and missing) the empty piñata.

In steps 4-6, JB talks about- 

  • Making sure you've got the right tools, 
  • Using the tools you have, and
  • Recognizing you can do this a little bit at a time!


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