Once you understand what you get paid to do, you know where to focus your time + energy

In this 16 part video series (8-10 minutes each, we break it down Young Living's Comp Plan). We'll make it super simple and pleasantly practical. You'll "get it." Better yet, you'll actually be able to WORK IT!



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Start learning today- with 16 x 8-10 minute videos!

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I'll COACH YOU 1:1, use some of my best graphics, and make sure you "get it." And you won't have to leave your house!

Start here: Young Living's Comp Plan has some clear markers as to  HOW to build your organization for long-term success!

Once you see how they've organized the pay structure, you know what to do to make the most $$$ with the time you invest!

  • Some activites are income-producing; others aren't!
  • We'll steer towards income-producing activities and AWAY from the things that simply cost you time without granting you a return of $$$$$

The result? You'll know where to invest your time AND the pay-off will be a larger paycheck!

16 x 8-10 minute videos you can watch + re-watch = YOU'LL UNDERSTAND THE COMP PLAN & GET PAID MORE!

Whether you're JUST BEGINNING, starting to WORK A LITTLE BIT, or ready to go ALL IN, we've got you covered!

Just beginning? Start with these 3 videos!

The first step in growing a great business is learning the basics about what's in the box!

Open the Starter Kit, peak inside... and fall in love with the items you've got! You'll be surprised at how that simple step will create a ripple effect that grows your organization! 

(We'll talk about WHY this is true in the video!)

After you get the basics down, I'll show you how to integrate Young Living into every facet of your life... 

... we'll talk about "replacement products" and "transfer buys." This is something YOU and the people ON YOUR TEAM can do with money they ALREADY SPEND!

This business strategy won't cost you- or them- a dime, yet it will make your profits SOAR! 

(It particularly helps when you show THEM how to get some of these products FREE through the monthly promos & Essential Rewards, yeah!)

YEP... What would the comp plan be without understanding the FREE STUFF you can get? 

And what if part of your business strategy involved simply showing others how to get FREE STUFF, too?

Yeah, once you understand these parts of the comp plan, you've got a game plan to build a great biz!

These three videos give you the traction you need to start moving forward!

Already working a little bit? Tackle these 5 next!

Get this- YOU are Young Living's marketing strategy. And they'll pay you well to do it well!

You're also their education strategy for new members. So, if you understood Videos 1, 2, and 3... you'll be JAMMING when you get to Video 4. Particularly once you see that you're being paid not to "sign people up" but to launch them on a journey of health + wellness!

And, you'll look forward to earning these two bonuses every single month!

Yes- people get paid to do this. And they get paid in AT LEAST 7 DIFFERENT WAYS. 

(I'll break them all down for you in this video series, OK?)

The first way you get paid... is the Unilevel Commission. And the number of levels deep you get paid gets greater and greater as you rank up!

No matter how great of a pilot someone is, if the airplane only has one wing, I'm not getting in!

If you know what I'm talking about, you've got lesson 6 down already! Here, we talk about the "new members" wing of your business (enroll) and the "education" wing of your business (existing members). Both are needed if this thing is going to "fly" long term!

Now, as a business builder, you're likely going to be INSTANTLY drawn to the other business builders...

... but there's ANOTHER GROUP that outnumbers them almost 8 to 1! If you learn how to communicate with this group, you're set!

(And, yes, this lesson builds on lesson 6- about dispersing great educational resources throughout your organization. No worries, though, we'll show you where to get them FREE!)

As you begin growing your business, you'll come across these two terms...

They're so important that we take an entire lesson just to define them. Sometimes these people are the same person; sometimes they're two different people. 

Knowing how these two roles work is key towards organizing your team, particularly as you start to go "all in" and grow this thing!

(Oh, if you've ever wondered about "stacking" and "building legs," this video is crucial! But, we make these concepts simple!)

Ready to go "all in"? Here's the next level!

If you can add by "1," you can draw the entire comp plan on the back of a napkin. It's that simple. I promise!

Sure, your business gets infinitely more complex as you grow. But, I'll show you how understaning basic math can do wonders for helping you understand what's on the horizon.


The entire comp plan is one large alphabet soup- with words you've heard used in new & strange ways.

No worries. A few pictures thrown on the screen in this video... and you'll understand the entire organization!


Young Living has an incredible bonus at the beginning of your biz-building venture called the Rising Star Bonus!

You'll want to watch and rewatch this one- once you understand this bonus, you see that it sets you up to build a dream team all the way to the top rank, Royal Crown Diamond. This bonus virtually guarantees your success by showing you EXACTLY how to structure your team!

Your first BIG goal = SILVER! I'll show you why!

Once you hit SILVER (one of the first LEGIT biz-building ranks in YL), Young Living begins paying you in EXTREMELY GRACIOUS ways!

First, you get paid this beautiful thing called "Generations." Sounds confusing, I know... 

But let it be your goal to GET HERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN, because... well... you'll have to watch the video and see :-)

Hint: this is the rank where people begin replacing full-time incomes, covering their mortgage payments, paying cash for braces, giving MORE away, etc!

Generations, and the payment structure at Silver + higher ranks is broken down into Shares & Commissions. You get paid BOTH!

I'll show you what a share is... and how that amount is derived each month... 

Understanding these concepts will give you RADICAL VISION for your future, and empower you to push forward!

And then I'll show you what a commission is!

Once you see how both of these gems in the comp plan work, you'll agree- get to Silver as quick as you can!

We'll rewind! Why? Because the last 3 videos were so awesome- and the pay-scale is so amazing that you'll want to break it down !

By that, I mean this: Silver is a game changer! Again, this is the rank where you can cover your mortgage payment, replace a decent part-time income, save for vacation, or aggresively pay off debt!

And, of course, the question everyone has is...

This is the big one. Everyone wants to know how long it will take to succeed?

What would you say if I could show you... What would you say if I could show you straight from Young Living's actual paperwork? 

Every few years YL discloses:

  • How much people earned at various ranks (no names- just the average made at each rank), AND...
  • How many hours a month they work, AND...
  • How long it took them to get there, SO...

Once you understand HOURS PER WEEK + NUMBER OF WEEKS + SKILL... you're on your way!

Work It! = The YL Comp Plan Made Simple & Practical- because ONCE YOU "SEE" IT, YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!

The fine print for this online course-

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  • Risk free guarantee. Love it or leave it. Leave it... we'll simply refund your money, no questions asked within the first 30 days. There's nothing to lose, yet an entire business building venture to gain!


Start learning today- with 16 x 8-10 minute videos!

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