OilyApp is the only 3rd party app that’s approved by Young Living.

As a certified partner, a few things happen.


Here are three of the many things that means for you!

First, our content goes through a compliance check. That means by the time you receive it, you can trust it. It’s already been reviewed. 

Second, our app connects with Young Living’s web-servers. This enables us to provide “push” notifications and stock alerts to your phone!

Third, we have the opportunity to make trips to corporate and interview the top-level executives, so that we can “pull back the curtain” and show you what they do every day  on your behalf. That is, we can show you how the magic happens. 

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We went to YL's new HQ before everyone even moved in!

In this 10-video series, the OilyApp team takes you to the top floors of the new corporate HQ (we arrived a few days after the doors opened- everyone hadn’t even moved in, and the contractors were busy creating a punch list!).

Wayne Moorehead has known about YL for years. In fact, he’s been using the products for over a decade.

In this video, he reminds us of something incredibly important. Namely, in a home-based business, you don’t work for your upline; they work for you. And, you don’t serve corporate, they serve you.

You’ll love his take on this “upside-down” approach to doing life and serving others.

Prasad oversees Global Sales, and he has your back. Though he studied mechanical engineering and aerospace, he fell in love with direct selling.

A self-proclaimed “behind the scenes” guy, his mission is to get you everything you need so that you can do your job better and more efficiently.

Prasad loves the courage of Young Living in embracing the “Five by five” strategy, as well as the family culture of the business.

Sarah Bjorgaard comes to Young Living with a wealth of experience- on both sides of the business.

Her background as an executive in the industry combined with the nineteen years she had successfully running a home-based business of her own (and reaching the high levels in her company), make her the perfect person to lead the U.S. team.



We asked Julie about product claims, income claims, cross-line. recruiting, and the Lacey Act!

We took a trip to the legal and compliance wing of the fourth floor and met with Julie Hunter. Though some people view her department as “the police” (her words, not ours), when you hear her heart and understand how her staff rolls, you see that they’re actually doing two things incredibly well:

First, they protect Young Living as a corporation.

Second, the protect your paycheck.


People are the greatest asset!

Todd Walker oversees several areas- departments like recognition and rewards, training and education, the Live Your Passion rallies, professional accounts, and member services.

He discusses how he wants Young Living to grow, but that the best way for the company to grow is to continue resourcing and empowering the members. Since Young Living is a global company, this is a massive task with hundreds of moving parts and pieces.

Marco discusses two things people need.

First, they need rewards. That is, when they achieve certain ranks they deserve to be showered with the fruits of their labors.

Second, they need recognition. Different than a reward (which is something earned), this simply means you pause and notice them. It might be something they’ve done, a trait they’ve exhibited, or even just the gift of their presence.

He discusses how YL achieves this- and how even things like the "three month qualifier" are created with you in mind.


Sarah is back and outlines some of the plans in store for the U.S. market.

Some of these include looking at the U.S. as its own entity, rather than just a subset of corporate. So, the “old” YL HQ is being converted to the new U.S. HQ.

She talks about some of the things that are being done right, a few of the things that can be done better, and a few things that just need to be figured out. Candid and honest, she believes transparency is the best way to move forward!

Young Living endeavors to provide wellness, purpose, and abundance to its members.

Here, Toss explains how that is true for the organization, how it’s true for the executives, how it’s true for members, and how it’s true for the people reached by the foundation and places where YL opens new markets.


We straight up asked Wayne and Prasad if the “Five by Five” goal is too aggressive.

Wayne reminded us that the things we see as distributors may appear new to us, but by the time they are announced they are projects the executive team has been working through and planning for years. 

Prasad concurred, and then reminded us that rather than being nervous about a big vision, we should be overjoyed that there is a credible plan to take us into the future, a plan that we will soon celebrate as having been achieved!

Of course, it looks like it's done in one take, but it's not!

Our videos look good. But they look good because we edit out the blips, the bloops, and the blunders!

We usually just toss all of the trash or leave it on the cutting room floor. This time, though, we decided to keep it. And then compile some of to together in this short mashup.

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