One of the greatest kept secrets at YL is the foundation staff.

That’s right, the beautiful people who make the machine run every day.


On a recent trip to visit with Greg, the Executive Director of the foundation, we took a few minutes to capture everyone on film.

Young Living Foundation is the charitable arm of the biz. And, since the company underwrites 100% of the admin expenses, everything given TO the foundation goes directly to hands-on work AROUND the world through foundation projects and partners. Here's the 4-1-1 on the foundation!  

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Here’s a look at the people who do the grind and make it happen!

Chelsea keeps Greg organized.

Referred to as the “busiest man in the biz” by people who are acquainted with his schedule, Chelsea is the one who checks the emails, manages the correspondence, and keeps things humming. If Greg looks smooth, it’s in large part because of Chelsea.

How did Chelsea end up here? By accident. She was looking at Young Living’s site for a friend and noticed the job opening.

The foundation is involved in two broad areas- projects and partnerships.

Before YL commits, Jonathan does the due diligence.

Furthermore, he explains that the foundation’s goal isn’t to simply “find things to do.” Rather, the foundation looks for projects where members are involved, so that it might better assist causes in which members are interested.

We don’t just “give money” and then see a return.

We see the return, but we actually have the opportunity to labor side-by-side with the people we serve.

In this short video Claire talks about a recent trip she took, explaining how members and locals labored together to achieve the final goals.

Melisa’s “two perfect worlds” of essential oils and service to others collided when this job came available.

Now, she looks at the facts and data and uses that to inform the service & action the foundation does.

A participant on the trips, she encourages members not to just give but to also make time to go.

At the 2015 convention, she heard about Young Living Academy in Ecuador. She was drawn to it, since she’s from Ecuador. 

Now, she handles the sponsorship program for the Academy. So, if you sponsor a student, she’s responsible for the communication shuffle and paperwork that happens.

In this video, Michelle also talks about “round up,” and how we left $6 million on the table last year!

In this video Luis explains that 100% of what you give to the foundation goes THROUGH the foundation as a charitable donation and directly helps the people we serve.

Luis left the world of business to begin accounting for the foundation.

Young Living (corporate) underwrites Luis’ salary, as well as the other expenses associated with running the 501c3, thereby empowering this 100% giving to happen.

As Greg says, “These ladies tell the stories that make people cry.”

Shelli and Kayla are responsible for telling the stories of the foundation.

If you’ve seen the social media feeds or watched the videos , you’ve seen their work firsthand.


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