Young Living's Comp Plan has some clear markers as to  HOW to build your organization for long-term success!

You owe it to yourself to take a look at the biz opportunity, just to see (no pressure) if it’s right of you and your family.

Once you see how they've organized the pay structure, you know what to do to make the most $$$ with the time you invest!

Some activities are income-producing; others aren't!

We'll steer towards income-producing activities and AWAY from the things that simply cost you time without granting you a return of $$$$$

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Once you see how they've organized the pay structure, you know what to do to make the most $$$ with the time you invest!

We'll empower you to understand the comp plan and discover how to "do the business side" in in 4 x 10-minute videos!

The first question anyone asks when starting any job is HOW MUCH & WHEN they'll get paid!

So, we’ll outline this issue— and why people don’t talk about it in Young Living (short answer: because the company is product-focused not profit-focused) and that makes it strong…

We'll show you how to "stack" and "build" your organization in such way way that you get the maximum benefit from the comp plan (YL's is among the MOST GENEROUS, by the way)!

Then we’ll get to those terms Fast Start, Start Living, Enroller, and Sponsor.

Here’s why: YOU are Young Living's marketing strategy. And they'll pay you well to do it well!

You're also their education strategy for new members. So, if you understood the first video you'll be JAMMING when you get to here. Particularly once you see that you're being paid not to "sign people up" but to launch them on a journey of health + wellness!

And, you'll look forward to earning the two bonuses we discuss in this video every single month!

The compensation plans *seems* confusing at first, but you can do it…

If you can add by "1," you can draw the entire comp plan on the back of a napkin. It's that simple. I promise!

Sure, your business gets infinitely more complex as you grow. But, I'll show you how understanding basic math can do wonders for helping you understand what's on the horizon.

We’ll talk about unilevel (and discuss how deep you get paid), we’ll cover the biz ranks, and we’ll talk about legs and other terms.

Again, if you can add by “1,” you’ve got it!

Once you hit SILVER (one of the first LEGIT biz-building ranks in YL), Young Living begins paying you in EXTREMELY GRACIOUS ways!

First, you get paid this beautiful thing called "Generations." Sounds confusing, I know... 

… and seems a bit more complex when you add “shares” and “commissions” to the back of that word.

But let it be your goal to GET HERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN, because... well... you'll have to watch the video and see :-)

Hint: this is the rank where people begin replacing full-time incomes, covering their mortgage payments, paying cash for braces, giving MORE away, etc!


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