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6- Jeremy Tallo almost skipped the first Advance he attended, but…

advance Feb 11, 2016

At the end of this month (2/26-28), I'm headed to Dallas for the fifth Men's Advance weekend. When we created the first event less than two years ago with about 25 attendees, we had no idea it would grow into what it's become...

Every 4-5 months, guys from all over the country (and some from Canada) converge at a major city. We talk business, life... discuss how to become better husbands, fathers... it's really a game-changer. In fact, women routinely message-in wondering how to get their husband to an Advance. They're simply that good!

For each event, we find some local guys who can help run interference for us. Pick the location. Handle logistics. Find a place to eat...

Jeremy Tallo, a YL Diamond, has handled the ground-war for this one. So, I thought it be great to get him on the podcast. To share his story. To discuss how he made the transition from full time employee to full-time YL with his wife, Hannah.

And, of course, to talk about the upcoming event in his backyard.

(That's a pic of Jeremy above, by the way- look closely and it makes all the more sense that everyone calls him "Bear.")

Ready to listen in? Go here for episode 6 of The Overflow Podcast, featuring Jeremy Tallo.

Want more info about the Advance? Head over to - where you can watch a few promo videos, find links to past events, and even register for this one.

Until next time...


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