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8- Jim Bob Haggerton left his PSK on the fridge- for years

So this week's podcast features the one and only... well... here's how I think of him, now...

He's the "Patch Adams" of chiropractors. You probably know who I'm talking about, now, because you've see Jim Bob on Periscope, on his YouTube channel... or even heard him speak on the circuit somewhere along the way.

Everybody talks "health and wellness" with Jim Bob. So when he and I chatted, I didn't do that.

I asked him about the fact that his Premium Starter Kit sat unused... FOR YEARS.

And why he became a chiropractor in the first place.

That.. well.. and a few other oddities that you might not know.

Alright. Here you go. This week we pull the curtain back and talk to Jim Bob about... well.... about Jim Bob :-)



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