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9- Steve Sheridan has a plan for you to journey to health and wealth

debt family issues success Mar 03, 2016

Well, a few days back from the men's Advance 5.0... and almost well. That's right. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in our house got sick!

Lots of Thieves. DiGize... and lots of love from our extended oily family.

Thankfully, I'd been working ahead, so the sickness didn't topple everything, right?

Leads me to this... podcast episode number NINE!

In this one, I chat with Steve Sheridan- who joined us at Advance in Dallas. Steve talks about one of the most debilitating sicknesses of all... debt! And, hes declared WAR ON IT!

In this episode, we chat about his debt-crushing story, his journey to health & wealth, how he recently "fired" his boss to stay at home and pursue Young Living full time, and his unique calling in the YL world.

Steve is full of grace, loaded with wisdom... and wants to HELP YOU and your team SUCCEED!

Here he is!


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