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Greenwashed (Ditch & Switch #1)

ditch & switch Oct 19, 2020

Health is simple.

It may not be EASY, but it’s simple…

Here’s why—>>>

Health involves creating space where your body can thrive by doing what it already wants to do. Eliminate toxins + shore up any deficiencies & your body naturally heals itself!

Many people are surprised to hear that their body is self-healing. That is, your body’s natural state is actually health.

This may sound contrary to popular opinion, too, because you don’t have to bump into too many people on any given day until one of them will tell you, “My _________ [insert body part, major organ, etc.] has never worked. I always struggle with ______________ [insert the related condition].”

Some people voice their “issues” as if it’s a badge of worth or value that they have physical dis-ease, that it’s not normal to be healthy.

You may not feel healthy right now, but- I promise- your body’s natural state is health. Remember, though, the foundational causes of all dis-ease have to do with toxins (things that shouldn’t be present) or deficiencies (things that need to be present). When we remove the toxins and we shore up the deficiencies we create a body system that truly comes alive.


Here’s where it gets a bit tricky…

You’re more likely to be contaminated inside your home than outside it! Our government + marketing tactics actually encourage you to place unhealthy chemicals inside your house.

But, you are the door-keeper.

And, when you make great decisions about keeping junk out (toxins) and continually opening the door for nutrients (= no deficiencies) you create an environment where health thrives!



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