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The Slick Seven— 1, 2, 3 (Ditch & Switch #2)

ditch & switch Oct 26, 2020

In this previous talk we discussed the effects of “greenwashing.”

(Sometimes it happens on purpose, other times it just happens…)

In this talk we review the first 3 of 7 culprits where you’re most likely to find toxins (greenwashed or not) in your home.

(And, If you’re tracking with the Ditch & Switch book, we’re doing a fly-over of chapters 3, 4, & 5).

❌ Culprit #1 = Personal Care Products (1 of 7)

Most people can locate things to ditch and switch within the first few moments of getting out of bed— Look at the items that go on your body as you prepare for your day.

This one is tricky, because you look clean, you smell clean, and— to some degree— you ARE clean…

But, your skin = the largest organ in your body AND it’s full of holes!

Wise up, people. This is an area you can get right with a few minor tweaks.

❌ Culprit #2 = Vitamins & Supplements (2 of 7)

Some of the products we use to increase our health actually decrease it.

(A few years ago this one was ALL over the news…)

❌ Culprit #3 = Cleaning Supplies (3 of 7)

Remember Mr. Yuk?

What were we thinking?!?!

Focus on both your internal health and your everyday environment for optimal results. One of the best places to begin is your own home, the one environment over which you have complete control.


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