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To Achieve “Big,” Go “Small” (Life Planning #4)

life planning Dec 21, 2020

In the final talk in our Life Planning series we discuss time management— and the reality of tradeoffs.


We’ve got to be honest with ourselves; we can’t do everything.

And, a yes to one thing is most often a no to something else (and vice versa— a no now empowers us to say yes later).

We shouldn’t see this as restrictive, but as freeing…

… so freeing that we actually place things on our calendar.

You see, our calendar reflects our stewardship of our most valuable currency, time. In the same way our bank statements reveal what we value, so also do our day planners.


So, if it’s important, protect it… budget it… steward it…

Just like money.

Although, here’s reality, time might be an even MORE valuable asset that cold card 💰, because you can always make more money— yet no one has found a way to develop, save, find, or create time…

This talk will help you define— and then focus on— the things which matter most, so that you can build a life that truly matters.




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