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Lessons from Forward

forward life planning Jan 18, 2021

After a holiday break, the podcast is back…

… and, in this one, we discuss lessons we learned from our first (big) live event…


Some background…

Back in late 2019, we mapped the online courses we planned to release throughout 2020. Each month, via OilyApp+, we…

👉 Provide people with a new course related to health + wellness on the first of the month

👉 Drop a new class by Dr. Jim Bob during the middle of the month

👉 Maintain access to a growing resource center of all past releases (now, nearing 50 classes)

Since members have access to EVERYTHING, and can join / unjoin at any time (no contract) we often refer to OilyApp+ as the “Netflix of essential oils.”

(Signup at

Anyway, Dr. Jim Bob planned to release a new course on a different body system each month throughout 2020— and began doing so. We called it “The Body Workshop” (

Andy planned to craft the concepts into a book— a book that would be released at a live event during the early Fall of 2020.

That’s right, the OilyApp team planned to begin doing live events!

By now, you know where this quickly ended.

Days before we were to ink the contract for the (incredibly awesome) event center, the U.S.— and the world— went into lockdown.

And then things let up…

We thought the event might happen for a second time.

… but then things locked back down.

So, we opted to save the content for what was going to be The Body Conference (and, will be at some point in the future). And we opted to do a virtual event— with different content instead.


More background…

A few years ago, Andy co-led the Advance events (for men), based on content he created ( Though they began to teach men about Young Living products, as well as the YL business model (and compensation plan), the events quickly became more and more about life + life-planning.

Along the path of created new workbooks for each event (and eventually writing a larger book which contains ALL of the content from the events, Andy created a planner.

Though originally released in paperback form, Andy dreamed of releasing the tool— designed to help men AND WOMEN apply the Advance concepts and plan daily life— into a hardback / Moleskin-type of form.

Late Fall 2020, Andy began crafting the resource into the hardback.

And, after some discussion, the OilyApp team decided to—

✅ Release the planner with the New Year, as a “soft launch” at a live event

✅ Shoot some video resources to teach people who to use it, some of which would be shared at the event

✅ Bring 15+ other leaders from around “Team YL” into the mix, giving them the opportunity to share from their area of expertise.

We called the event Forward, because— like the Advance material— the resource is designed encourage, equip, and empower people to move ahead in every area of life.


Here’s what we learned…

💎 It’s OK to change the deadline on a dream.

—>>> Jim Bob’s material— and the live event based around it— will eventually happen.

—>>> Andy’s planner— and some of the Advance resources— got punted way down the field… and, now they’re here.

—>>> We originally planned to release Forward on January 1. We had to push to the 8th.

Somehow, no efforts are ever wasted.

💎 You can do more with more people.

The 15 Diamond+ leaders who spoke at our event were surprisingly easy to get in touch with, quick to respond, and added incredible value to the event.

We were floored, many times, just watching what they produced for us— even before stringing it all together for the event.

💎 Done imperfectly is better than not done perfectly.

But, when you do it, you can always go back and do it again… even though, each time, you SHOULD do something to the best of your ability, because…

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

(Sounds contradictory, but it’s not.)

💎 Plan ahead… and give yourself more time than you originally planned.

We took a lot of notes down this time about our event… and, even though we shoot new events every month, this was different. We had hundreds online at a time.

We should have marketed sooner.

We should have gotten our Diamond+ leaders onboard earlier.

We should have reached out to other influencers and networkers well before we did…

The event worked…

The event worked well…

💎 Experience is a good teacher. But, evaluated experience is a GREAT teacher.



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