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Good Food is Not Enough (Fitness #6)

fitness Jan 25, 2021

In episode #109 we roll back into the Eat-Sleep-Fit series with Johnny…

… and we pick it all back up by talking about supplements.

There are two of the main reasons everyone needs supplements:

First, most of us don’t eat enough of the best foods for our bodies. We over-estimate the importance of fruits, for instance, which have more in common with desserts and sweets than they do vegetables.

Second, even if you do eat a lot of vegetables, other factors come into play. For instance-

👉 The dirt your food comes from isn’t pure. It’s loaded with sprays and chemicals and other junk that goes on- and gets into- your food.

👉 Your food is often picked too early- before it’s really ripe and ready to eat.

👉 Your food travels from where it’s harvested to where you eat it. Most food loses a large percentage of its nutritional value within 8-16 hours of being picked. Since most of us don’t eat “farm to table,” our food takes weeks to travel from the farm to the warehouse to the larger warehouse to the truck to the grocery store and into our home.

👉 Your food is then stored, losing its “life” while in hibernation.

👉 Your food is cooked (it’s entirely possible to “cook off” the remaining nutrients).

In other words, even the “farm to table” ideal is a myth- unless you’re taking the food from your own farm to your own table.

(In our Good Food is Not Enough book we outline a few of the “must have” products you need to fuel your body- particularly if your “fed up” with the status quo and want to move to greater levels of health.)

Here’s an easy equation you can remember:

✅ High Nutrients + Less Toxins = Greater Health

The opposite is true as well:

❌ Low Nutrients + More Toxins = Less Health

That almost sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it?

Here’s why both equations work, though. Basically, all dis-ease in the body can be traced to two main causes: toxins and deficiencies.

What are toxins and what are deficiencies?

A toxin is something that should not be present in your body. Or, it’s something that can be present, but it gets dangerous when it’s present in too high of a quantity.

Toxins include things like sugar, synthetics, and even stress. Our body can handle any of these in small quantities, but too much can literally be lethal.

A deficiency, on the other hand, is when your body lacks something that should be present, when something that you need to support your body’s systems isn’t present in great enough quantity.

For example, we need a certain amount of rest in order for our bodies to recharge and recover. When that’s missing, our body moves towards dis-ease. We also need specific nutrients and minerals.

When we lack them… well… our bodies don’t work like they’re designed.

Notice there’s an inverse relationship between toxins and nutrients. We typically think this is true when talking about our diet, but it’s true of most areas— including the environment in which we live. When one (toxins or deficiencies) is high, the other is low. When one is low, the other is high:

❌ More toxins and/or more deficiencies = LOWER health

✅ Lower toxins and/or lower deficiencies = HIGHER health

Health is inversely related to the two issues that cause dis-ease. This includes what goes in your body, what goes on your body, and what happens around your body.

Again, when we’re walking in unhealthy patterns the nutrient levels go down and the toxicity levels go up. On the other hand, when we're experiencing health, the opposite generally happens: the nutrients have gone up and the toxins have gone down. We continue moving higher above the wellness line when we create an environment of nutrition.

This leads us to the next foundational idea: your body is self-healing. That is, your body’s natural state is actually health.

This may sound contrary to popular opinion, too, because you don’t have to bump into too many people on any given day until one of them will tell you, “My _________ [insert body part, major organ, etc.] has never worked. I always struggle with ______________ [insert the related condition].”

Some people voice their “issues” as if it’s a badge of worth or value that they have physical dis-ease, that it’s not normal to be healthy.

You may not feel healthy right now, but— I promise— your body’s natural state is health. Remember, though, the foundational causes of all dis-ease have to do with toxins (things that shouldn’t be present) or deficiencies (things that need to be present). When we remove the toxins and we shore up the deficiencies, we create a body system that truly comes alive.

Most people practically forget things like…

⭐️ Your body has an immune system— 80% of which is housed in your gut. Your body does not have a disease system that manufactures illness.

(By the way, this means that when we get our nutrition in order, we’re serving 80% of our immune system at the same time. Now, you understand why junk food makes you feel like, well… trash!)

⭐️ Your blood stream houses T cells, courageous fighters that literally war against dis-ease on your behalf. When infection enters, they “call in” reinforcements and multiply in number.

(One of the methods physicians use to tell if your body is fighting an infection is by counting the number of these warriors present in your blood stream. A higher number indicates that your body is waging battle against some unhealthy intruder. It’s fighting for health!)

⭐️ Your body automatically repairs itself. Your bones will mend if broken (often healing more rigid than they were before the break), your skin will repair itself when cut, and your colon will expel food you eat that upsets the balance of your digestive system.

(Yeah, think about that. Your body literally “fixes itself” when it becomes damaged!)

All of this happens on auto-pilot every single day.

You don’t have to tell your body to heal itself, it just performs that way naturally. However, when you provide your body with the best possible environment you can (one that is lower in toxins and has the nutrients it needs), your body becomes extremely efficient at optimizing health.

This is because when you create an environment in which your body receives more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t, you create better space where your body can do what it already wants to do.


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