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11- Dr. David O’Brien makes the chemistry of essential oils super simple

health science Mar 17, 2016

I used to wonder…

How do essential oils pop balloons and eat holes through styrofoam cups, yet support health and wellness in my body? Why aren't there holes in my stomach from that lemon oil I ingested with my water?.

Via the podcast, I got to ask a chemist.

And that leads me to one of my fav convos I had for our podcast- a chat I chat with David O'Brien- a grade A chemist that speaks complex ideas in super-simple language.

He’s a fabulous scientist- and an even greater man. Quite a combo.

You 'll love hearing about his journey into chemistry (and why chemists are really just like little boys playing with their Legos), as well as how his daughter pulled him into the world of essential oils...

And he’ll talk about staying “above the dirt” to stay “above the wellness line.” You’ll NEVER forget this simple grid he gives you to tell what’s healthy, what’s not, and how to keep moving forward.

"Most of the stuff from ABOVE the ground is good for you- it's ABOVE the wellness line... AND most of the stuff from BELOW the dirt... is BELOW the wellness line.”

Think about that one…

Fruits and vegetables and essential oils = above the dirt = above the wellness line.

Chemicals and most of the junk we find in highly processed products = below the dirt = below the wellness line.

There’s more tidbits and takeaways here…


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