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Schedule = Your Priorities (Fitness #8)

fitness Feb 08, 2021

Somebody told me that your checkbook reveals what’s important to you. That is, follow the trail of where your money goes and we can see what truly matters…

Same is true of TIME.

It’s easy to say we value certain things, but… when we turn and look at where the time was invested, the calendar SOMETIMES tells a different story, right?

Now… this season, as we move through the New Year, is a time when we often stop + pause + reflect…

We move to the new season with the expectation that some things will change… in fact, we HOPE that some things RADICALLY adjust.

(Especially after this 2020 stuff, right?)

Some things are in our control, some aren’t.

And some of our time we can manage… some, let’s be honest, gets managed or gets “taken” by obligations and emergencies and other things…

But what about the parts we can manage?

The parts where we have a say?

The places where we CAN dictate what we want do to and when…

… in the end, our calendars show us what truly matters to us. People always “do” their priorities— even if they say their priorities are something different.


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