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Part of total health (Emotional Wholeness Checklist #1 of 3)

We’re multifaceted people— with several “parts” to each of us…

… and, like a chain, we’re only as strong as the weakest link.

Think about the various “parts” which make up your “whole.”

✅ Physical

✅ Spiritual

✅ Intellectual

✅ Social / relational

✅ Emotional

We readily identify with the first four- but maybe not the fifth.

And, we generally OWN and notice the OBVIOUS issue in any area with the exception of emotional issues.

I was reading Emotional Intelligence 2.0, though, and came across some interesting stats…

The book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 reports that…

👉 People with the highest IQs outperform people with lower IQs only 20% of the time- yet people with higher EQs (emotional quotients) out-perform higher IQs over 70% of the time.

👉 EQ accounts for a pay increase of $28K per year- across all fields.

And… whereas IQ is a relatively static number (it doesn’t increase or decrease very much over the course of your lifetime, as IQ is a measure of your ABILITY to learn and access info, not necessarily a measure of how much or what you know)…

👉 EQ can be learned. You can GROW in your emotional quotient.


By learning to recognize your emotions when they happen… then STOPPING to read what they’re saying BEFORE you respond.

(We’ll get to THAT “how” part in the next talk.)



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In the Emotional Wholeness Checklist book, we outline 3 simple steps (yes, they're EASIER said than done, for sure) that will empower you to allow your emotions to serve you RATHER THAN you being held hostage by them, yanked around by them...

And, we content that 0ur emotions are gifts, things God gave us in order to help us understand what's happening around us and in us.

In the same way that physical sensations such as pleasure and pain help us encounter the world, so also do emotional sensations (such as fear and joy).

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