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How to use the Feelings Kit (Emotional Wholeness Checklist #3 of 3)

In this talk we follow-up on the previous two about emotional health and outline HOW to use the Feelings Kit…

Actually, it’s our “cheat sheet.” Print it, copy it, use it…

Here’s an overview of each oil + THE WHY of it… swipe through the slides to see.

⭐️ Valor = courage to face whatever + however. Was inspired by a blend Roman soldiers used before going into combat. Apply to the soles of your feet.

⭐️ Harmony = to bring things back in balance. To give you confidence + creativity. Apply to your heart.

⭐️ Forgiveness = the key to unlocking freedom. Apply to your stomach, your gut (which is your “second brain”) as you forgive and let go of things you need to leave behind.

⭐️ Release = b/c negative energy actually goes into your blood and streams through your body, feeding your cells. Apply to your wrists, at the pulse points and visualize yourself letting go of negative thoughts.

⭐️ Present Time = b/c we want to live in the moment. Not in the past. Not in the future. Here. Apply a few drops to your chest and neck. as you “face forward” in your day.

⭐️ Inner Child = b/c living your best life is a matter of awakening to who you truly are, the greatness you were created with in the beginning! Apply to the back of your waist, near your spine + the back of your neck.

Tip = twice a day, morning + night. For 30 days. Will take you less than 5 minutes to do AND will reap powerful results!



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In the Emotional Wholeness Checklist book, we outline 3 simple steps (yes, they're EASIER said than done, for sure) that will empower you to allow your emotions to serve you RATHER THAN you being held hostage by them, yanked around by them...

And, we content that 0ur emotions are gifts, things God gave us in order to help us understand what's happening around us and in us.

In the same way that physical sensations such as pleasure and pain help us encounter the world, so also do emotional sensations (such as fear and joy).

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As well, we’ve written TWO MORE books about emotions—

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