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13- Adaryll Jordan uses his business to build & bless people

For lucky #13 of the podcast, we went to one of the best… to Adaryll Jordan (a guy in our YL upline, one of our upline Diamonds), a guy who- until the first of this year- was the care pastor at a huge church in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

I love this episode because Adaryll isn’t pushing a book, he isn’t promoting an event (though I pulled one out of him), and he isn’t selling a service… All of those are great, and I love sharing about them on our weekly show…

At the bottom of it, Adaryll is a big guy (no kidding, he could be playing football or basketball) with an even bigger heart… and a huge love for people. You’ll learn business building tactic number 1 from him in this episode- take care of your people. Of course, he doesn’t pitch it like that… he just loves, loves, loves people.


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