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14- James McDonald has a family strategy for multiple generations

I loved having this convo with James McDonald this week...

Best parts of doing a podcast?

1. Not creating all of the content myself.

2. Getting to grab GREAT content from some amazing people.

3. Did I mention... the AWESOME people- like James- that I get to talk to?

In this one he talks about life, family, doing a business with his wife that fuels his future and the future of his kids...

We also discuss...

Things like accidental paychecks.

Things like "walk talks."

Things like creating a tool to show other families how a home-based business can be a tool to financially free them.

Yep. You can do that. You can use this business as a tool to free your time, set your future (or someone else's), and live the best possible life for you.

I'm always impressed by James' humility and sincerity. Links to connect with him or on the podcast.


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