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15- Jen Springer & Monty Moran live green to earn green

I think you might enjoy this episode of our podcast.

In this episode, I chat with Monty Moran and Jen Springer.

They've been involved with Young Living long before it was cool, and have more animals than my kids have Lego mini-figures. Almost :-)

Great tips here on a few things...

1. Leveraging the fact that Young Living's "top kit" is WAYYYYY less cheaper than other MLM companies (and how they've created a more expensive option to help create greater momentum on their team).

2. The idea that people need to be trained on the oils... but they DON'T need to be trained on how to use cleaning products- so the Thieves kit may be a great place to begin.

While we were talking, Jen mentioned this, too: business builders who have "skin in the game" are less likely to quit. In other words, whereas people might spend $170-ish dollars on a kit (by the time they pay taxes + shipping) and then let it sit on the shelf for a few years, people who spend $500 or more are actually MORE likely to start sharing their love of the products so that they can earn that investment back.

Lots of great tips from this dynamic duo!

(Plus, they're just great people that I loved hanging out with!)


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