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21- Chase Harrison quit his job to work from home, but his wife didn’t want to be his boss

change family issues May 26, 2016

A lot of gals who start working from home get the ambitious dream of bringing their husband home from work- of retiring him. Face it: it's a great dream.

If you've got the income stream from your home business to NOT have to go to the office every single day, punch a time clock somewhere across town, and have someone else in control of your schedule... well, it grants you a lot of freedom and flexibility. That's why we started working the business to begin with, right?

But is it all it's cracked up to be?

And do guys soar the highest when they stop working? Should that coming home be the goal, or is there something else we should be striving for? Remember, men were given the charge to work BEFORE the Fall in Genesis 3- not after it. So, work is not the result of sin and chaos- it's something we were designed to do from the very beginning, back when things were perfect.

What are the ramifications when you walk away from something that you're inherently created to do?

I love this honest conversation with Chase. He made the transition from the office to the house almost 6 months ago. He talks the ups, the downs... We make the observation that a lot of high-ranking YL guys actually GO BACK to work after they "retire." And, we discuss how being together 24 hours / day is amazing and, well, how... let's just say you're together for 24 ENTIRE hours of the WHOLE day.

Chase is a great friend, a passionate husband, and a stellar father- I think you'll learn a ton from listening to him!

You can listen here.


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