28- Tom Nikkola tells guys (and gals) how to get fit

fitness health Aug 18, 2016

Last week, I introduced you to my friend Scott Garner- and shared with you about the power of relationships.Scott was a teacher until their home-biz with Young Living sky-rocketed to the top rank in the company in just a few years. Now they share the message of health and wellness (literally) around the world.

This week, I'm chatting with another friend, Tom Nikkola. I set a time to chat with Tom about fitness- that seems to be his area of expertise. The more we discussed health and fitness, though, the more it became obvious that fitness doesn't just involve your body- it includes all of life...

* Fitness includes your thoughts- and intentionally putting some ideas in your mind while keeping others out

* Fitness involves your relationships- particularly with the people closest to you.

* Fitness is intentional... and proactive, not just reactive to sickness and injury. So, fitness includes what you eat, too.

Tom will talk about his routine, his daily schedule... and even run through some of his favorite Young Living products for guys... and, he'll do it in less than an hour.


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