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29- Scott Schuler explains why you need to Man Up!

Scott Schuler believes that the one of the biggest issues in our culture is that men are too man-like; rather, it’s that they’re not man enough. Listen in as he takes you through his journey to authentic masculinity, as well as shares some tips from his business story.

Leads me to a story he shares in the talk...

So there were two shoe salesmen who went to a remote village overseas...

One of the men looked around, noticed everyone was barefoot, and sent the message back to his office: "Halt production immediately- no one here wears shoes!"

The other salesman took notice of the bare feet and responded differently: "No one wears shoes! Great news! Double production and send a larger sales force!"

See the difference?

Turns out, a lot of success is simply found in how we view things.

At the same time, most success isn't automatic. It's not just viewing things differently (like the second man in the above); you actually have to get out and shoe people the shoes... or teach the class... or write the book... or do whatever it is you're looking to do.

We talk about this in this week's episode of The Overflow Podcast, when I interview Scott Schuler, a Royal Crown Diamond (top rank!) in Young Living Essential Oils.

If you're wondering why everyone else seems to succeed,... take a paak at this conversation on "The myth of overnight success."


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