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30- Nathan Petty walked on fire, learned a lesson about change

iron will life Sep 01, 2016

In this week's chat, I talk to Nathan Petty- a friend from the West Coast- who WALKED ON FIRE with me this summer at a workshop (us and about 50 other guys).

The "fire walk" was part of a session on overcoming fears, which was part of a larger seminar that ran the better part of a week...

Something unique happened around that fire, and as we walked across it. I can't explain it- it's an intangible. Maybe some of the guys like Nathan, guys who were there, can communicate it more clearly.

What happened?

I'll tell you... it's one of those things that you can't quite explain, just one of the things you know. It was a feeling of, whatever you brought to this fire, and whatever fear or concern it represented, is done. It's gone. Vanished. Burned away.  

That- and a sense that comes from the look in the other guys' eyes of, "I know where you are... I'm there, too. I know..."

It's not a sense of  "Let me fix this... " Or- "Let me give you a short, pithy statement  or Bible verse to whitewash it..."

It's just a sense of an unspoken something more like "I know... I'm there, too... And you've got it. We've got it..."

So, here you go...
Listen on, do your virtual fire walk, crush your fears... we've got your back, too :-) 

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