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31- Jim Goodyear talks about overcoming obstacles

Back in the summer of 2016, Jim Goodyear did the absurd and awesome- all rolled into one experience: he biked the “Tour Divide,” a self-supported haul from Banff (Canada) all the way through the U.S. to Antelope Wells (New Mexico).

He trained radically and religiously. He packed and repacked his gear- in an effort to balance the reality of taking what you NEED as opposed to what you can actually carry…

Then he flew up, re-assembled his bike, and took off…

No support. No entourage. No cheering section. Just Jim and 2,700 miles of road.

He endured storms, climbed through mud, listened to stories of (fatal) bear attacks, slept on floors, pitched tents in the middle of nowhere, and endured.

Turns out, there’s a lot of soul-searching (and gut-checking) that happens when you’ve got that much time (and trial) alone. In this episode of the podcast, Jim gives us the 4-1–1.

And, for those of us NOT about to ride 2,700 miles, he gives us a few takeaways, lessons for the road of life- wherever that road has you.



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