37- Jake Dempsey tells you what to track to grow your YL biz

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2016

Jake Dempsey has a gift for taking complex ideas and making them simple. He’s got an app, a book, and speaks a lot about Young Living’s compensation plan. 

He codes it, he dreams about it… he lives it. Literally.

I interviewed him for the podcast and had a few direct questions...

I’m helping my wife with our business and wanted to know... What metrics should I look at- knowing that I can’t look at all 40-plus features that you have on the app?

Jake came to the interview "fully loaded," offering SIX THINGS you should check on Oily tools each month.

Here's my main takeaway: the numbers tell the truth. If you have the data, you have some power. You have some easy ways to-

* See where things REALLY are

* Know what to do next to move forward 

By the way, I actually like what Jake had to say about abundance even more than what he had to say about the app. Don’t get me wrong- the app info is incredible, and it’s one of the tools that will help you reach a place of abundance. 

But, the view he has of blessing and favor… is, well… refreshing… 

And, I really think part of his destiny is not just to create great tools for people to use to build their businesses, but also to teach- in a healthy way- what money does and the potential it really has!

Listen to episode 37 with Jake Dempsey here.


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