38- Eric Worre says you need influencers NOT momentum

business building Dec 06, 2018

Most of us look at a short list of things we think will guarantee our long-term success in network marketing- things like:

  • Breakthrough products
  • Customer support
  • Compensation plans
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Recognition
  • Rewards trips & other perks

Turns out, every successful company has all of these. And, no doubt, we need them. 

But, the biggest factor... the thing that you CAN control at all times, is you.

These factors all create momentum. But, even in times of low momentum and times of NO momentum (which always come), you can be consistent...

And you can "inoculate" your team to those times, too...

And you can continue growing.

Thoughts here taken from Go Pro 2018 and the talk by network marketing guru Eric Worre.


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