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39- Three (little expected) numbers to track if you’re serious about your biz

Here’s another recap of one of the incredible talks from Go Pro 2018, Eric Worre’s conference. If you’ve ever been to one, you know he delivers the goods- every single time.

In this rewind, I process some of the things he shared… specifically, about the numbers you SHOULD track if you’r serious about growing your biz.

Here the are. I explain why he says they matter in the talk.

#1 = the number of people who earn at least ONE DOLLAR in your organization (within 90 days).

#2 =  the number of people who hit Executive (I thought it would be Silver, but listen in…).

#3 = the number of people on your team who… get this… attend convention. If they don’t, he argues, they just don’t build long-term.

All of the info in this talk is Eric’s. Just my reflections as a guy trying to figure it out- even if a few years into the MLM thing.

I would LOVE to know what you think about his ideas.


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